[VID] 180907 東方神起 NEW ALBUM 「TOMORROW」(180919) CM was Played at “Music Station”

Tohoshinki’s new album 「TOMORROW」(release on 180919) CM was played during the broadcast of “Music Station”~




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[AUD] 180729 DAIGO-san on his Morning Radio Show about Meeting Tohoshinki at Music Station + Played #Road~ #東方神起

DAIGO-san and Tohoshinki met at their recent Music Station appearance.

On 189729, DAIGO-san mentioned that on his radio show “Ohta’s Isan presents DAIGO’s OHAYO-WISH!!”. He talked about how he told them how tall they looked and they humbly dismissed it saying he looked cool, then he proceeded to praise them on his show calling them nice people and chose to play Road as the first song in the morning~ ^^

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[Changmin/Yunho IG] 180720 Tohoshinki Posting about DAIGO “Both Yunho and I thought (his) song was beautiful..” + “..congratulations on your marriage^^”

Our boys also posted the same photo DAIGO-san posted about them together, Changmin in Japanese mentioning himself and Yunho liking the song, and Yunho in Korean congratulating him on his marriage~ ^^


Changmin IG:

Changmin reposted the photo from DAIGO~

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[Instagram/TW] 180720 DAIGO with Tohoshinki Backstage at Music Station Exchanging Signed CDs + Changmin Like and Comment

DAIGO-san posted on Instagram about Tohoshinki! Changmin liked his post and left a comment~ ^^

(also check out how big the new road single photobook version is compared to past releases cases *__*)!!



Photo tags: yunho2154 and changmin88



Translation of DAIGO CD signed messages to Yunho and Changmin:

to changmin: you are always cool!

to yunho: I’m honored to be with you

[cr: Translated by @changdoll]



Shared on his twitter (@Daigo19780408) as well:








Changmin’s like and comment:

Changmin: 🤟🤟🤟Wish🤟🤟🤟

{p/n: Changmin is referring to DAIGO wish pose~} 


[cr: screencaps by @MAXmingshun]



According to DAIGO-san’s IG, at the opening, he asked Tohoshinki for taking a pic together later, and changmin said Sure! with a smile. At this moment, maybe?

[cr: @changdoll, video by @sato4531]





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[VID/DL] 180720 Tohoshinki #東方神起 #Road Performance on「MUSIC STATION」~

Tohoshinki appeared on Music Station on the 20th at 20:00~ JST to perform Road! (previously reported summer love song medley was possibly referring to this?)

Please check out their performance and talk section from today~


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[VID/Trans] 180720 Tohoshinki on Music Station First Camera Talking about Summer Homework Before the Broadcast!

So cute > w <!!

Tohoshinki appearing on Music Station first camera before the broadcast to talk about their summer homework!

Please like and share the official link posted by Music Station account~ ^^




also posted on music staion’s line: here.


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