[Audio/Trans] 171105 Arashi’s Nino on Talking with Yunho at Music Station; on Tohoshinki’s Height!

Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari on his radio show “Bay Storm” on Japan’s BayFM, answered a question about what he talked with Yunho at the recent Music Station appearance, which created a buzz back then among the fans!



Full, Talks about Yunho and Tohoshinki at 10:10~14:53 :

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[INFO] 171018 東方神起 Reboot and Why? and Yunho’s Drop on Billboard Japan Hot 100 for Week 10/23~

Following Tohoshinki’s performance of Why? Keep Your Head Down and its charting on music charts as well as creating buzz on twitter, it is no surprise to see it entering Billboard Japan Hot 100 for the week of 2017/10/23, coming at No.21! In addition, even Tohoshinki’s Reboot has not been released yet, it seems that fans enthusiastic tagging on twitter had it entering the chart at the bottom!

Yunho’s Drop ranked higher than last week’s, coming at No.24~

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[INFO] 171016 Tohoshinki as No.2 for People in the Television Weekly Ranking (10/9-15) of Viewers’ Heat

Tohoshinki’s appearance on Asahi TV Music Station caused some buzz on sns, and this was seen on how they kept trending on Japan twitter during the show and after it.

In “The Television”  Weekly Ranking (10/9-15) of Viewers’ Heat*, for “people” category Tohoshinki were No.2 with with 206,967 points! (Arashi as No.1).

*SNS buzz/hot topics/eps


The article mentioned the 10/13「Music Japan 2-hour Special」being Tohoshinki’s first performance after their discharge, and that they performed「Why?[Keep Your Head Down]」. In addition Continue reading

[PIC] 171016-17 Tohoshinki Ads and Billboards for FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ at Stations in Tokyo

More of the Tohoshinki billboards and ad posters for Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~  were spotted not only inside some train stations, but also as billboards outdoor!

Fans compiled a list of their locations as follows:

Yotsuya/Tokyo stations, Marunouchi line
Nihonbashi/Shinbashi / Toranomon / Ueno/Akasaka-mitsuke stations, Ginza Line
Shinjuku Station〜Shinjuku Sanchome Station, Marunouchi Line
Ikebukuro Station, underpass to East exit toward Sunshine Street
Ginza / Akihabara / Kayabacho / Ueno stations, Hibiya Line
Shibuya station
Jimbocho station, Metropolitan Shinjuku Line
Takadanobaba/Iidabashi/Kudanshito stations, Tozai Line
Otemachi station
Roppongi station

[cr: @roomnumber32]

In addition to the ones inside the train at Toyoko Line and Fukutoshin Line car No.1 [cr: @akko060136], as well as Tokyu Denentoshi line car No.10 [cr: @soratomax]



  • Shibuya Station, Hachiko Square

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[VID/DL/Fanacc] 171013 Tohoshinki’s Why? Performance on「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special!

Tohoshinki’s 1st stage since two years was on the broadcast of TV Asahi’s 「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special with an epic performance of Why? Keep Your Head Down!

There are several highlights of their appearance, such as their performance itself gathering interest and praises on twitter from non-fans viewers (they were trending there; will write about the trending on another post)! The most significant moment was how Tohoshinki shared smiles with each other during the performance, giving it a sense of joy, excitement and confidence compared to their performance from 6 years ago! This moment wasn’t noted by fans only, but also Toho dancers commenting on it (introduced in an upcoming post).

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[VID/PIC] 171013 Tohoshinki’s Video Comment for「MUSIC STATION」Viewers + at Rehearsals!

Today is the broadcast of TV Asahi’s「MUSIC STATION」 two-hour Special at 08:00-09:48 PM (JST), where Tohoshinki will perform Why? Keep Your Head Down!

Here is their video comment before the broadcast~



English Translation by @snxy (via KR translation by @iruka0206):

Yunho: it’s been a long time, everyone. We are Tohoshinki. We have just finished the last rehearsal.
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