[PIC/Headlines] 180826 News on Headliner Tohoshinki’s Performance for 2018 a-nation 8/25 Concert at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

Tohoshinki were the headliner for 2018 a-nation Tokyo performance’s first day (on 8/25) at Ajinomoto Stadium! They delivered amazing stages with Toho band and dancers despite the hot weather, dancing hard and singing beautifully 11 songs for about a full hour in the outdoor venue~

Below are News photos and headlines as well as photos, from official accounts as well, shared on 180825-26~



[cr: model press]



[cr: @anation_navi]


[cr: @dTVch2018]


  • Sankei Sports newspaper

[cr: @Changmin88218]


  • Sankei Sports newspaper


[cr: @weepwithTVXQ]

  • Daily Sports newspaper

[cr: @Sweet_Boal]




  • [Iza Entertainment News] 東方神起, about 4 years since their last, 5th time as finale act at a-nation

「a-nation 2018」でラストを飾った東方神起

[cr: Iza Entertainment News, Translated by @joeylfy]



  • [a-nation] #東方神起 appears after 4 years “A special memory made together with everyone” (Tokyo Sports Web)


[cr: Tokyo Sports Web, Translated by @joeylfy]




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