[Changmin IG] 180905 Changmin Posts in Support of Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG New Song + Replies to Yuri’s Comment and Follows Back

TVXQ the supportive sunbaes!

The sub unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG released new song titled “몰랐니/Didn’t you Know (Lil’ Touch)”.  Yunho previously commented in support under SMTOWN’s post of the girls’ teaser, and now Changmin posted on the release of the song ^^*

In his post, Changmin cutely mentioned discovering his music streaming subscription had expired XD


Changmin IG:




I didn’t know

#ThatMyUsageVoucherEnded… #IUsedItForYears #AndTheySaidOnly1MinutePreview…? #Geez!! #TooMuch #PurchasedAgainToListenToTheFullSong

[cr: Translated by @SonexStella]

{p/n: Changmin’s caption seems to be a word play with the song’s title “몰랐니 (Didn’t you Know)” too~}


Changmin’s caption was originally just:



[cr: @206218T]


I didn’t know




Changmin also replied to Yuri’s comment:

Yuri: Your passion of repurchasing to listen to the full song is amazing. Thank you, sunbaenim 🙏🏻👍🏻 – Oh!GG –
Changmin response to Yuri: Hoo hoo, the song is truly amazing 👍🎶

[cr: screenshot by @206218T, Translated by @SonexStella]


and he followed Yuri (yulyulk) back as well as liked her posts of their comeback:

[cr: screenshot by @MAXmingshun]


Yuri followed Changmin and Yunho back on 180830:

[cr: @jtt_muk]



changmin88: here,
Translation by @SonexStella: 1 and 2,
screenshots as indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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