[Yunho IG] 181122 Yunho Enjoying Pizza + Looking “Like a Desert Fox” Standing in the Same Place TVXQ Filmed their “YouR PresenT” Poster!

Sharing photos from when he was in Korea, and in the second post he said he looked like a desert fox, so cute > w <!! He also replied to Yuri’s comment~

The location he was standing in is the same one TVXQ filmed their “YouR PresenT” Fanmeeting Poster! Their stylist updated his insta story with the same location on 181120, so fans were wondering if they were filming something *_*



Yunho IG:

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[Trans] 181011 Girls’ Generation Yuri on Yunho Sending her a Support Message for her Solo Debut!

TVXQ supporting their junior Yuri’s solo debut! Here, she mentioned a support message from Yunho~


Yuri on the radio show “Lee Soo Ji’s Music Plaza,” on 181011:

 “TVXQ’s Yunho also sent me a message to say ‘I’m supporting your solo album, don’t be nervous, and do well.’”




Soompi (Source: XportsNews),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Changmin IG] 180905 Changmin Posts in Support of Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG New Song + Replies to Yuri’s Comment and Follows Back

TVXQ the supportive sunbaes!

The sub unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG released new song titled “몰랐니/Didn’t you Know (Lil’ Touch)”.  Yunho previously commented in support under SMTOWN’s post of the girls’ teaser, and now Changmin posted on the release of the song ^^*

In his post, Changmin cutely mentioned discovering his music streaming subscription had expired XD


Changmin IG:

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