[VID/Trans] 180925 Tohoshinki’s Message to Sukkiri’s Wentz Eiji Regarding him Leaving the Show for Studies Abroad

Wentz Eiji, one of the hosts of the JP TV show Sukkiri, with whom the boys have had many fun challenges, will be leaving the industry to study stage acting at the UK. The staff informed Tohoshinki about it and below is a video of their reaction to the news, including their cute and touching message to Eiji with translation~





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{p/n: translation of Tohoshinki’s comment only}

To Eiji Wentz who is taking a leave from Sukkiri to learn stage acting in UK.

CM: We appeared on Sukkiri a few times with Wentz-san. He teased us a lot and I thought that this is time for us to tease him back, but we can’t do that.. Please have a good time (in UK)!
YH: In front of camera, he was pretty mean to us, but actually he was really a kind person and we could count on him.

Any advice to Wenz to have a successful career abroad?
YH: To have good interactions/relationships with people living in the country helped us a lot, it is better for him to make friends as soon as possible.
CM: If he can find a girlfriend there, he can speak English much more fluently. He can start there..
YH: It’s enough. You don’t need to say any more.

CM: This must be a big challenge in his life, I wish him all the best to make this challenge successful. The two of us want to give him full support.
YH: When you return (to Japan), we will have another battle! Please do not forget about Tohoshinki and do your best! Promise!


[cr: Translation by @beriko0214]




Videos as we indicated above,
Translation by @beriko0214,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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