[VID/Trans] 180925 Tohoshinki’s Message to Sukkiri’s Wentz Eiji Regarding him Leaving the Show for Studies Abroad

Wentz Eiji, one of the hosts of the JP TV show Sukkiri, with whom the boys have had many fun challenges, will be leaving the industry to study stage acting at the UK. The staff informed Tohoshinki about it and below is a video of their reaction to the news, including their cute and touching message to Eiji with translation~





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[VID] 180502 Tohoshinki for NTV’s Drama “Tensai Bakabon 3” Reported by JP TV Morning News (Part.2)

Tohoshinki’s cameo for NTV’s “Tensai Bakabon 3” (the drama version) will air on 5/4 (Fri) at 21:00~22:54 JST! News reported the filming was done back in March amidst their busy Korean schedules! [cr: Oricon via @snxy]

Reported by Pon and Sukkiri~





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[cr: @y2kpmax2618]





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[DL] 171219 Tohoshinki for NTV’s “SUKKIRI!!” (FULL)

Tohoshinki appeared live on NTV’s “SUKKIRI!!” on 171219, where they had a brief talk and performed Reboot.


  • Tohoshinki Full Cut [ts; 1.71 Gb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Reboot Cut [ts; 304.14 Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Talk Cut [ts; 1.41 Gb]: here.

Baidu folder of these cuts: here.





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[Twitter] 171219 SUKKIRI’s Host, Mori Keisuke, Expresses his Appreciation and Admiration for Tohoshinki’s Performance

One of the hosts at NTV’s “SUKKIRI!!”, announcer Mori Keisuke, expressed his appreciation and admiration regarding Tohoshinki’s performance.




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[Trans] 171219 On Tohoshinki’s Sukkiri Appearance and Comment on Jonghyun; to Be Back to Korea


On the 19th, Tohoshinki appeared on the morning broadcast of Nihon TV’s “Sukkiri” and mentioned Jonghyun. Both of them appeared in black costumes as a mark of respect.

On that day, Yunho said (we) “can hardly believe it but once the programme ends, we will going to pay our respects.” Changmin added, (he was) “the best artiste,” and “a singer who was like a dongsaeng so to describe it in words is difficult,” expressing his sorrow. Throughout the entire broadcast, the looks of determination that they wore belied the regret that they were feeling. Continue reading

[VID/Partial Trans] 171219 Tohoshinki on NTV’s “SUKKIRI”; to be Back to Korea Afterwards

Once again, we are sending our deepest condolences to Junghyun’s family, friends, SHINee members and Shawols. You did well, Junghyun, and you will always be remembered for all the wonderful things and the smiles you have painted on many people’s faces.

Tohoshinki went on their scheduled live for NTV’s “SUKKIRI!!” today, and mentioned that they will go back to korea right after. Thank you boys for giving it your all despite the circumstances, it must have been tough. We understand and respect whatever decision you make.



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