[Trans] 180926 Tohoshinki Dancer 50 in an Interview Sharing his Thoughts on Tohoshinki, their Warm Personalities, Taking Care of Staff and their Serious Attitude Towards their Performances

The fifth and last interview, published on 180926, is featuring Toho dancer 50 as part of a series of interviews with five Tohoshinki dancers (DAISUKE, k-sk, YWKI, SONNY, and 50).

Amongst the different questions they are asked about their career, they were asked about their time with Tohoshinki and their thoughts about the members. Below is a translation of 50’s thoughts about Tohoshinki where he also talked about their warm personalities and their serious attitude toward their performances ^^

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating their part of the interview \ (*^ω^*)/








– Do the two of Tohoshinki actively participate in making choreography?

There were some solo parts and both of them gave us some advice, “Perhaps it is better to do this?” like that.


– You have been performing with Tohoshinki for a long time, in your point of view (from your point of view), what kind of people are they?

Including dancers, we are all men so we all behave like we are in male only high school (laugh). At the end of tour, we all go to a natural hot spring. I am as old as Yunho and Changmin, so they treat me like their friend. and that makes me realize that they are ordinary boys (laugh).

In terms of work, they are really sincere and hard working. In the limited time, they never compromise themselves, they work really hard, much harder than anyone else. They also tell us, people who works with them, their gratitude and respect to us.

They are really nice people. They are on incredible stage, but they still care about dancers and staffs all the time. No matter how exhausted they are, they perform with such energy that I always ask myself “Where they store their energy!?” and that always amaze me. I am supposed to give them support but the two of them lead me on many occasions.


– It is quite unusual that you work with the same artists for 11 years.

Yes, I guess so. Tohoshinki has activities in Japan and Korea so for some long period of time, we do not see each other. But when we see each other for the first time after that period, these days, we don’t really feel anymore that we haven’t seen each other for a long time (laugh). In stead, these days, we feel like we are seeing each other like old classmates (laugh). They are my work partners but they are very friendly to me so that I feel they are my old classmates.

they are not too shy to give me many advices or share their opinions. I am not taking these for granted but I am really happy to work with them again.


– I guess these good relationship leads to great performance, right?

During rehearsal time, they watch us where we only dancers are practicing and they gave us advice. “You should be in harmony.” “You should express yourselves better/you should show more emotion.” “It is easier to understand KOR dance music by doing this way.” something like that. they demonstrate how to do it sometimes. On occasion, we have auditions and it is pretty stoic environment. To our performance, not to mention the music part, they are really serious and by watching them closely, we feel that we need to respond to them. We want to do great performance and we need to have good influence on them. We work hard too.




Translated by @beriko0214: here,
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