[PIC/Trans] 181029 Official News Confirm Yunho as a Special Director on MBC’s New Survival Show “Under 19”

MBC will be airing a new survival show titled “Under 19” on November, and official news just confirmed Yunho as a special director in the panel!

On the 29th, the MBC “Under 19” team conveyed that “U-Know Yunho had appeared as a special director,” saying “having been firmly established as part of a K-POP legend group and performance emperor, please look forward to the encouragement from U-Know Yunho and his extraordinary passion.”

The “Under 19” team added, “during the recording, U-Know Yunho personally attended even the trainees’ rehearsals, sharing direction on choreography to expression in detail, and was unstinting in sharing his know-how and advice, having debuted for 15 years,” saying that “U-Know Yunho was in awe of the trainees’ skills, and showed immense affection and anticipation for the ‘trainees of the next generation’.”

(Under 19 is a global talent show featuring 19 trainees grouped by parts: vocal, rap, performance who will have celebrities as mentors “directors” – other directors include Crush & Solji (vocal); Dynamic Duo (rap); Eunhyuk, Hwang Sang-Hoon (performance))

Under 19 airs from Nov 3 at 6PM




 Photos by enews MBC
News by 스포츠조선 via naver,
News Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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