[Instagram] 181102 Changmin in Toho Dancer Lina-san’s Post on 東方神起 Jealous MV Filming

Toho Dancer Lina-san, who is married to Toho dancer 50 who (choreographer of Jealous’s dance), shared photos of Toho dancers at the filming site of Tohoshinki’s Jealous.

She posted a photo of her husband posing with her and the other female dancers, then posted the “actual” scene with Changmin from the MV filming XD


東方神起 “jealous” MV公開✨

@50tokyo 振付けで私も出演させていただきました❗

渦巻く泥々な恋愛模様。。。 色々なところにちりばめられたドラマ。一度見ただけでは見きれない!


5枚目はこの作品に情熱を燃やした彼の背中🔥🔥🔥 #東方神起#jealous#東方ダンサーズ#新曲


[cr: Toho Dancer Igarashi Lina (linaigarashi) : here]



From a Japanese Bigeast on TOHO dancer Lina:

I am really happy to read many Bigeasts are happy that Lina-san (50-san’s wife) joined TOMORROW tour after giving birth. This is remarkable in JPN. I am really grateful to Sam-san to getting her back on stage and also 50-san to make this possible

[cr: @beriko0214]


We our happy too the female Toho dancers starred for the first time in a Tohoshinki MV ^^




Toho Dancer Igarashi Lina (linaigarashi) : here,
and as indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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