[VID] 181101 Special Director Yunho on MBC’s New Survival Show “Under 19” New Teaser!!

MBC will be airing a new survival show titled “Under 19” on the 3rd of November at 6PM, and Yunho will appear as a special director in the panel!

Check him out in the new teaser > w <!!





or on vlive: here!

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[Lyrics/Trans] 東方神起 Tohoshinki’s New Single Song “Jealous”



Tohoshinki’s new Japanese single “Jealous will be released on 11/21!! The full MV of the song has just been released, and you can support it here:

You can also support them by pre-ordering the physical copy on various online stores (to help with charting on ORICON please refer to our physical releases support post).




Jealous (English Lyrics)

When I look at you fire
can’t escape
A man is a loser
I can’t handle you

I don’t love you anymore
I’ve kept telling myself

I’m jealous of myself
When I am next to you.
I’m jealous of myself
You satisfy me everything
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[Changmin IG] 181031 Sharing a Photo of Tohoshinki with Japanese Duo Band Kobukuro Exchanging Albums!

Japanese duo band Kobukuro’s Kuroda-san (the 193cm-tall man) posted (here) a photo of them with Tohoshinki exchanging albums, and Changmin reposted it adding comments about the band ^^

From they way our boys are dressed, it seems they have filmed something related to Jealous *___*


Changmin IG:


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[Eng Sub – @ihavebeensober] 181031 JIJI PRESS Making-of Video: “Mature Sexiness” for MV of 東方神起 New Song Jealous


JIJI PRESS Making-of video “mature sexiness” for MV of new song


Original Video:

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