[INFO] 181122 #東方神起 Single #Jealous is No.1 on Billboard Japan Single Chart for 11/19-21, Selling 76,442 Copies~

Billboard JAPAN has reported sales of Tohoshinki single Jealous (official release on 11/21):

Billboard JAPAN Single Sales:
(Total in 2018/11/19~11/21)

No.1『Jealous』東方神起 76,442 Copies!

※CD sales data of Billboard JAPAN are based on SoundScan Japan’s sales data.

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[TVXQ! SNS] 181122 Official Accounts on #東方神起, “the invincible duo”, New Single #Jealous Topping Oricon Daily Chart!!

TVXQ’s official accounts sharing the news of our invincible duo’s new single topping Oricon daily chart~ ^ ^*

Please share and like, and continue to support the single via buying the single and tweeting the hashtags #東方神起 and #Jealous!


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[INFO/Support] 181121 Digital Release of #東方神起 New Single #Jealous is Available on iTunes and Spotify + Support their Release on iTunes Japan!

Digital Release:

Tohoshinki new single Jealous has been released digitally on itunes and spotify worldwide, as well as on other platforms such as Google music etc! The single includes the songs Jealous, 大好きだった (Daisuki Datta), and their less vocal versions.



International fans can support Tohoshinki’s digital releases via purchasing and downloading the single or the song from iTunes Japan!

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[Eng Sub-KBSWorld] 181121 TVXQ’s Favourite Hyoja Bakery Featured in KBS’s “Seoul in-Stars” EP2


Hyoja Bakery which we are familiar with since Changmin’s enlistment and Yunho buying him bread from when he visited, was featured in KBS’s “Seoul in-Stars” EP2!


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[VID] 181121 #東方神起 Tohoshinki Video Message on the Release of New Single #Jealous on TV Morning Shows~






[cr: @kzyc_cy]


  • Ichioishi! MORNING

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