[Eng Sub – @ihavebeensober] 181112 Some of Tohoshinki Comments on Recent NTV’s Variety Show

Tohoshinki appeared on NTV’s variety show “Sekai Marumie! TV Tokusoubu” also known as “WORLD GREAT TV” at 20:00-21:00.

Below are subs some of their comments


English Subs:


  • [Sekai Marumie] Changmin’s last comment about appreciation for the workers for the airplanes. this is so Changmin☺️

  • [Sejai Marumie 2] Yunho asked a question ex-flight attendant about weird lost property on the plane. He introduced himself “I’m nicknamed “忘れ物番長(easy to left his belongings behind)”.
    She said it was a wig. Her colleague used a lightstick to light up passengers crown of the head(it was dark on the plane) and she found out whose belong it. eventually she put thr wig on the passenger’s crown of the head before he wakes up😂




English Subs by @ihavebeensober: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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