[PIC/VID] 181117 Yunho Attended his Friend Jungin’s Wedding~

After TVXQ landed at Korea, it seems that Yunho went to attend his friend Hong Jungin‘s wedding which he also hosted!

Below are photos posted by fans and some videos by weddings guests as well as.

Congratulations to the couple~ ^^





[cr: @moteco26]


[cr: @TFSYH_]



[cr: @206218T]






[cr: @W_crown26218]




[cr: 85_gab STORY via @tomotomo_1202]



[cr: loveumate: here]


[cr: @206218T]


[cr: @W_crown26218]




or here.


or here.

[cr: kiyomimoza: here and here]



as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express




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