[PIC/VID] 181117 Yunho Attended his Friend Jungin’s Wedding~

After TVXQ landed at Korea, it seems that Yunho went to attend his friend Hong Jungin‘s wedding which he also hosted!

Below are photos posted by fans and some videos by weddings guests as well as.

Congratulations to the couple~ ^^




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[Yunho IG] 180630 Yunho Thanks Hojun and Everyone who Came to the 4th “Coffee Friends” Project~

Yunho posted thanking Hojun and everyone who came to support Hojun and Actor Yoo Yeonseok’s joint monthly charity funation (fun+donation) project “Coffee Friends”!

Check out the cute selfie of Yunho with Hojun and their friend Hong Jungin~




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[Instagram] 160205 On his Leave, Yunho Goes in a Snowboarding holiday with Hojoon and Friends!

Yunho, who is currently on his annual military leave, is going snowboarding on his birthday with his 85 club friends!! He’s been talking about such a wish before, and it is great to see him fulfilling it <3!

You can spot his friends such as Son Hojoon, Hong Jungin (who shared this photo), and even one of his military band members~

We hope he makes a lot of wonderful memories and have fun \(*> w <*)/





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[Instagram] 141121 jungin1360 Shares a Photo with Yunho and their Friends at Pohang

[trans] jungin1360 Instagram post with Yunho

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