[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 181117 Tohoshinki on TBS’s “CDTV” Artist File – First Part

Tohoshinki appeared on TBS’s “CDTV” in the “Artist File” corner. They were invited on the tokyo water bus “EMERALDAS” (Tohoshinki have been before to the tokyo water bus “HOTALUNA” for WITH album promotions back in 2014 Christmas ). They passed under the rainbow bridge, took selfies, and had an interview. They also performed Jealous at the studio for the first time on a TV broadcast~ ^^

The theme was about Tohoshinki going around their ‘places of memories’ together, following their ‘places of memories’ , and talking about ‘Toho until now’ together! [cr: @TBSCDTV, Translated by @xx__0_0__xx]

The second part will be broadcast on 11/24 (Sat) at 24:58~ and it will feature their visit to the Skytree tower > w <!!





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  • 181117 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut [ts; 1.54GB]: here (expires 11/25).

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  • 181117 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Full) [ts; 1.57GB]: here [PW: aqvx]

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  • 181117 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Full) [ts; 1.52GB]: here (expires 12/18).
  • 181117 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Jealous Performance) [ts; 250.91MB]: here (expires 12/18).


[cr:  @chadori_: here and here]


Partial Translation:


Translated by @clefaire:

  • The first Japanese they memorized.
    Yunho: for me, be careful of catching cold. During that time, the hurdle for learning was so high, and I didn’t really know what the meaning of that phrase so I was like ‘if I read this a lot, I will able to use/remember it’ that kind of feeling [cr: cut by @tvxqaki]
  • The first Japanese teacher they had.
    Chami: I still remember her name well until now, the name is Satou sensei. Wondering if she’s doing well now.. she’s a sweet/lovely sensei.
    Yunho: a totally nice person. [cr: cut by @c_minmin1001]
  • Yunho: when we first arrived in Japan and we saw Rainbow Bridge, I still remember having this thoughts, ‘oh, is it really Japan?’, and when we passed through it, I was switched to the ‘this is Japan’ ‘I’m already in Japan’ mode.
  • {p/n: fan-made video featuring a cut from TV broadcast in 2011}
    Chibi Yunho and Chami on the car:
    CM: Tohoshinki is now passing the Rainbow Bridge, Yunho please introduce yourself
    YH: good evening, I’m Tohoshinki Yunho
    CM: we can’t see you😂
    YH: when Tohoshinki first arriving in Japan, we thought that Rainbow Bridge was a beautiful place.

[cr: @wr2799]

  • Yunho: “Bye, Rainbow Bridge! My life has changed ever since I met you. Thank you!” 😭❤ [cr: cut by @Heart215488]




Translated by @loveyunhosama:

  • Whats the thing u thought of when in army?
    Changmin “this one, is the same for both of us…to be able to stand as Tohoshinki on stage again”
    Yunho “for me personally, I like the current time’s (now) Tohoshinki”





CDTV trended 5th on twitter japan ^^

[cr: @2conico6]


their outfits look similar to the ones from their recorded comment for oha suta, so if their cruise trip was on the same day as the skytree visit, then it is possible they have done all these recordings on 181030~




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