[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 181124 Tohoshinki on TBS’s “CDTV” Artist File – Second Part

Tohoshinki appeared on TBS’s “CDTV” in the “Artist File” corner last week, and the second part was broadcast on 11/24 (Sat) at 24:58~ (i.e. 11/25). They visited ‘places of memories’ last week and this week they went to Tokyo Skytree tower where they went to different levels and took pictures of the nice view! There Yunho found the east (東) pillar and commented it is the same kanji for Tohoshinki (東方神起)’s Tou東 then the skytree staff suggested they sign on it *_*! They also continued their interview, so check out some translations of it!

While last week’s was Jealous, this episode’s broadcast a beautiful live performance of Road~ ^^



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  • 181125 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut [ts; 1.52GB]: here (expires 12/2).

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  • 181125 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Full) [ts; 1.55GB]: here [PW: xxct]

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  • 181124 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Full) [ts; 1.62G]: here (expires 12/16).
  • 181124 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Road Performance) [ts; 271.43MB]: here (expires 12/16).


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  • 181125 TBS’s “CDTV” – Tohoshinki Cut (Full) [ts; 1.5G]: : here.


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Partial Translation:


Translated by @beriko0214:


CM&YH: wow wow
CM: I feel so good.. its so beautiful.
YH: It is really nice. I can see everything.
CM: It is so timely that we can see sunset.. so beautiful.
YH: This is really nice.
CM: Wow.. I see..

MC: They move forward and found something interesting.
Woman 1: You can see a Ferris wheel overthere.
YH: Yes, a Ferris wheel.
Woman 1: It is where the Kasai Rinkai Park is.
Woman 2: Have you taken a Ferris wheel ride in Japan?
YH: Yes, I have done that once.
CM: Yes, we did.
Woman 2: How was it?
CM: Well… a Ferris wheel.. Can I say honestly?
Woman 2: Of course.
CM: It is so much fan if you are with your loved one.. but with him, two men together…
YH: Riding on a Ferris wheel together with a man… makes my heart feel empty.
CM: It did not make any wave in my heart (I did not feel anything).
YH: Yes, you are right.
CM: Have you taken a ride on Ferris Wheel with your boyfriend?
Woman 2: Yes, a couple of times.
CM: Ahh, I envy you.
Woman 2: Let’s keep going.
CM: Yes

Something that CM likes appeared.
Woman 2: You can see a building shining in gold over there.
CM: What is it?
Woman 2: It is the headquater of Asahi Beer company. It looks like a beer jug.
CM: Yes, it does look like that.
CM: Ah.. Beer tastes so good, does not it?
CM likes beer a lot. When does he drink beer?
CM: When? I do not limit myself to drink beer on some occasions. I drink beer a lot in my daily life but to the extent that won’t affect my performance at work.
YH: The beer we have after our live concert tastes so good, right? Changmin sensei?
CM: Yes, that tastes good too.. but no matter what.. Beer tastes good!



If you can travel back in time
(*∵) I want to go back to the time when I was a trainee. I want to tell myself that your sense of value is correct and you should keep going. Back then, it was so hard to make a debut.
(*´・J ・`) Yes, yes
(*∵) I also thought that I should have enjoyed a bit more.. Please believe in yourself and enjoy as much as possible. [cr: via @panee0202]







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