[Trans] 181212 #TVXQ, 1.28 Million Concert-goer Mobilisation (JPN) Ranks 1st..




extract/rough trans on the go (apologies for typos):
On the 12th, according to Japanese portal site, Yahoo! Japan, monthly pop culture magazine Nikkei Entertainment magazine published the “Top 50 Concert Mobilisation Ranking in 2018” ranking in their December issue. The “2018 concert Mobilisation ranking” is based on the number of concerts performed in Japan this year and the number of concert audiences scheduled until the end of the year. The number of the audiences for the scheduled performances including the number of the audience of already performed performance were estimated and summed up. There may be slight discrepancies with the number of audiences estimated with regards to future performances based on hypothetical reasoning on the choice of venue and assumptions that the venue would be filled.

TVXQ ranks 1st for having mobilised a total of 1.28 million audience members in Japan, the most amongst both local and overseas singers who have performed in Japan this year. Distinguished Japanese artistes followed behind with B’z, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year were 2nd place, 1.08 million, Arashi in 3rd place, 890,000 people, with Amuro Namie in 4th place, 850,000 people, who followed 30th anniversary of their debut followed. In particular, TVXQ was significantly, the only Korean singer among the top ten.

This is the first time TVXQ, who resumed activities after completing their mlitary service last year, have ranked 1st place since the investigation (rankings) were started in 2013. This year, they have performed a total of 48 times in places such as Nagoya Dome, Osaka Kyocera Dome, Yokohama Nissan Stadium, etc. This is an unrivaled number given that the average number of times the performers in the 1st to 10th places have had concerts, are around 25 times.





Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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