[PIC] Bigeast Wallpaper for 2018 February




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[Eng Sub – janieTVXQ subs] Bigeast 2018 WINTER DVD (FULL): The Gold Mission R

The first challenges for “The Gold Mission R” series~

Please make sure to thank the translator for subbing such a long video interview \ (*^ω^*)/




Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2018 WINTER DVD,
JP-KR Translation by TVXQDrip | Tomatodrip: here,
KR-EN Subbed and Shared by @janieTVXQjanieTVXQ subs (Tohoshinki are Yunho Changmin),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[PIC] 171006 TAKEDA BBQ, Tohoshinki’s Sensei from their Gold Mission R, Shared a Photo of their BBQ Set Up~


Back in October the 6th last year, TAKEDA BBQ, whom we just saw on Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2018 WINTER starring as Tohoshinki’s sensei from the new Gold Mission series: Gold Mission R, shared a photo of Tohoshinki’s BBQ set up~

Apparently, they filmed it during that day.

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[PIC] 180113 Bigeast Staff Report: Nagoya Dome 2nd Day! “Kakizome” Challenge!


Tohoshinki wrote their Kakizome (First writing of the year) for 2018~ ^^

Changmin wrote 神起動 (シンキドウ): Shin Ki Dou, Shin Ki from Tohoshinki and Dou from the Japanese word 再起動 (Reboot)

Yunho wrote the Japanese four-character idiom 初志貫徹 (ショシカンテツ): Shoshi Kantetsu (to carry out one’s original intention).

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[INFO] 171216 Bigeast 2018 WINTER Magazine is Back with a DVD! To Be Sent by the End of January 2018~


Bigeast 2018 WINTER magazine is back! The issue will cover events from their restart on 8/21 until their new single~

The magazine will be shipped by the end of January 2018, with a DVD including 「THE GOLD MISSION」that will be now「THE GOLD MISSION R」!




Bigeast Fanclub Mail,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

[INFO] 161223 Special Random Prizes to be Included in Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2017 WINTER for 3-5 year Members~


Special project for the Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2017 WINTER announced!

【all members】

  • 10 members will get signs on coloured paper


【members who have been members for 3 years】

  • 3 year-version envelope
  • special cover

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