[News-Soompi] 171109 3 Reasons Why You’ll Get Addicted To “Melo Holic”

3 Reasons Why You’ll Get Addicted To “Melo Holic”

OCN fantasy drama “Melo Holic” has been gaining a lot of attention despite only having aired a few episodes. The drama has especially been praised for Yunho’s diverse acting. Here are three things that make “Melo Holic” so addicting!

1. Special Powers

Although in the beginning, he was an innocent guy who got cheated on by his girlfriend for not being able to understand her, Yoo Eun Ho (played by Yunho) soon gains the power to be able to read women’s minds. With his power, he is able to have every woman he meets in the palm of his hand. His close friend and psychology professor Kim Joo Seung (played by Choi Dae Chul) states, “Your hands are a national treasure. A fruit of the evolution of humanity.” Continue reading

[News-Soompi] 171105 TVXQ’s Yunho And Choi Dae Chul Will Be Two Different Ladies’ Men In “Melo Holic”

TVXQ’s Yunho And Choi Dae Chul Will Be Two Different Ladies’ Men In “Melo Holic”


OCN’s “Melo Holic” has released stills of Yoo Eun Ho (Yunho) and Lee Joo Seung (Choi Dae Chul) who are both excellent with women but in two very different ways.

In the drama, Yunho plays the role of Yoo Eun Ho, a university student with the power to read women’s minds when he touches them. Choi Dae Chul, on the other hand, plays the part of Kim Joo Seung, Continue reading

[Eng Sub] 171030 Yunho’s Drama Meloholic Press Conference BTS on V LIVE~

Yunho’s drama Meloholic press conference behind the scenes was broadcast on 171030 for about 30 minutes from 1:20 to 1:50 KST, before the press conference itself, with Yunho, ActressKyung Soojon and actor Choi Dae Chu.

The official english subs are now available!

Due to some problems, the V Live stopped broadcasting then came back, so this v live is split into two links, and you can watch them below as we linked: Continue reading

[Trans] 171030-31 News on Yunho’s Drama Meloholic Press Conference and Comments + Broadcast Details

This post is a compilation of Yunho’s drama meloholic news articles from the press conference, as well as links to the drama broadcast platforms~


News Articles:


‘Meloholic’ is a “sweet and savage love fantasy” about a man with supernatural ability who is incapable of having relationships and a woman with a dual personality who is unable to have relationships. U-Know Yunho plays the role of Yoo Eun Ho who is a returning student that is known as a legend for rescuing men through his supernatural ability of being able to read women’s thoughts. Kyung Soojin plays Han Yeri/Han Juri, who is a woman with a dual personality. Continue reading

[VID] 171030 Press on Yunho for Drama Meloholic Press Conference Today~

Today was Yunho, actress Kyung Soojin and actor Choi Dae Chul attended the press conference of Drama Meloholic! Press lasted about an hour from 2pm to 3pm KST.


The full stream can be watched below

[cr: 셀럽티비 – celuvtv]


EDIT: also a full one can be watched: here [cr: 일간스포츠]


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