[Instagram] 180218 Yunho’s NEW HAIR! Shared by Choi Hyoje~ + Wished Changmin a Happy Birthday~

Yunho’s new hair! it looks lighter than the previous one? he dyed his eyebrows too~

Yunho with Hyoje and different friends! Hyoje also wished Changmin a happy birthday~

It seems like there are many birthdays as he mentioned some, including Gio Vanhoutte’s who is with them in the photo as well~

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[Instagram] 171103 Publicity King Yunho Keeps Going with the Release of Meloholic EP3 on Oksusu!

Dancer Hyoje is posting the daily screencap of Yunho sharing links with his friends on kakaotalk to Today’s 3rd Meloholic on Oksusu (watch it here, the episode’s title is “Yeri, he finally met that girl”)

Many thanks to Hyoje for sharing and supporting Yunho~ > w <


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[Instagram] 160321 Dancer Hyoje’s Misses the Enlisted Hyung who Wiped off his Sweat~



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[Instagram] 160228 Dancer Choi Hyoje Wants Changmin to Come Back Quickly~


TVXQ Dancer Choi Hyoje shared a clip of Changmin during Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary event (from We are T 2nd DVD), in which he was talking about what dancers meant to him and Yunho, and said that “they(yunho+him) have never thought of the dancers/band as “backing” but as their pride; their dancers/band.”




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