[Trans] 171120 TVXQ’s Perfect Comeback, Japan Showbiz. “Frankly envious (of them)”


With the headline of  “The revived Tohoshinki (TVXQ)’s amazing popularity, as a women’s magazine’s cover feature, drives sales up by 2 times”, Japan’s showbiz weekly magazine, Josei Seven has reported on the Tohoshinki’s return after their discharge from the army.

On the 11th, TVXQ gathered 40,000 fans to their Sapporo Dome concert and performed 38 songs in total, over 3 hours, captivating fans from all over Asia, including Japan, Korea, China, Philippines and so on. Josei Seven conveyed that there were also many fans who cried and screamed at the impressiveness of the concert. Continue reading

[Trans] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine 『anan』10/25 Issue 2017 (Released 171018) (FULL)

Tohoshinki Comeback Special for Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue No.2074  was released on 171018!
Below is a translation of the full interview! We have arranged the text in the way it appears in the magazine~
You can get your own copy at Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well, so can easily be bought by ifans), or at other online stores such as CD Japan.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating the full interview \ (*^ω^*)/



“This is another turning point for us. I feel strongly that we can make a huge step up the ladder.”




“I missed the heat, breaths and sweat in our live show. Right now, I am truly enjoying to get back together and restart our activities.”



For the first time in two years hiatus, the two of them has resumed their activity.
Are they pushing hard on “bromance”?

– Long time no see. I have been looking forward to seeing you.
YH: Thank you! I realized that I am back at work after having photoshoot for a magazine.
CM: I was toonaive to anticipate that I would have some free time after I discharged. But people in my office are not too kind to me (laugh). Even today, until 5 o’clock in the morning, we were shooting video that would be shown at our live tour…
– And you were already in the studio by noon.
CM: Yes, I am back.. and it is not too easy for me (laugh). Continue reading

[INFO/Fanacc] 171018 Tohoshinki’s 『anan』as Best Seller Magazine in Several Charts; Difficult to Find on Stores

Tohoshinki’s 『anan』10/25 Issue was/is topping magazine chart of several stores, and many fans on twitter reported limited stock or issue selling out on various stores ^^*



  • Rakuten Japan:

Rakuten Books Magazine(all genre) weekly #1

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[PIC] 171018 Posters of Tohoshinki’s 『anan』Issue Spotted at Different Locations in Osaka and Tokyo Stations

Posters of Tohoshinki’s cover were spotted at different stations in Osaka and Tokyo!

Tohoshinki Comeback Special for Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue 2074  was released on 171018. Remember to order your own copy at Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well), or at other online stores such as CD Japan.


  • Namba Station, Osaka

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