[Instagram/VID] 181126 Tohoshinki Promotional Video Message for『#東方神起 109 XMAS』Christmas Campaign with SHIBUYA109 #Jealous


A Tohoshinki collaboration with「SHIBUYA109」and「MAGNET by SHIBUYA109」 (11/23~12/25) for the Christmas campaign 『Tohoshinki 109 XMAS』has been decided on 5 different stores around the country.

Below is their promotional video message for the campaign posted by SHIBUYA109 official Instagram, please like and share it!

The post also includes a different video message played at the Tohoshinki POP UP store there as taken by fans~



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[INFO] 181126 #東方神起 #Jealous No.1 in Billboard Top Singles Weekly Sales (for 11/19~25) with 88,955 Copies! (SoundScan Japan)


Billboard Japan announced that Tohoshinki single Jealous was No.1 in their top single weekly sales chart for 11/19~25. The single (officially released on 11/21) sold 76,442 copies in the first three days, adding about 12,000 more copies by 11/25 to make up a total of 88,955 copies.

東方神起「 【ビルボード】東方神起『Jealous』が88,955枚を売り上げ週間シングル・セールス首位獲得」1枚目/1

◎Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales
No.1『Jealous』東方神起 (88,955 Copies)

(SoundScan Japan)

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[INFO] 181122 #東方神起 Single #Jealous is No.1 on Billboard Japan Single Chart for 11/19-21, Selling 76,442 Copies~

Billboard JAPAN has reported sales of Tohoshinki single Jealous (official release on 11/21):

Billboard JAPAN Single Sales:
(Total in 2018/11/19~11/21)

No.1『Jealous』東方神起 76,442 Copies!

※CD sales data of Billboard JAPAN are based on SoundScan Japan’s sales data.

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