[Trans/Scans] Changmin’s Drama Interview with Yeo Ui Joo, Director’s Comments, from JP Magzine 「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」 – vol.70





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Changmin’s Interview


Q: The thing that you put the most focus on when you chose this work?

A: I wanted to be in a drama before I enlisted, so I looked over a lot of works. Among those, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” had a lot of fans of the original webtoon, everyone said it was fun, and the synopsis was great too. Also, the character Yoon himself was very fun and very versatile, so I decided to act in it. Continue reading

[Trans] 151204 Lee Junki Talked about Actor Changmin in his Drama Scholar Who Walks the Night Interview



“Changmin as well was really great. Despite being inexperienced at acting, his appearance where he did his very best to blend into the drama was really splendid. Speaking of TVXQ, though they are a really big star in Asia, he portrayed himself Continue reading

[SCANS/Trans] Changmin for JP Magazine “K-Drama Guide Magazine” Vol. 61(Released 151022)


[TRANS] TVXQ Changmin Interview on Korean TV Drama Guide Magazine.


Q: Why did you choose this drama as your last work before enlisting?
A: Out of all the offers I received, the original book (the basis of the drama) was already very popular and the synopsis was interesting to me. Especially, the character, Lee Yoon was captivating and I felt that he had something deep inside of him. He has various sides to him; the jocular, playboy side, and the elegance as the crown prince’s son. I was fascinated by the various faces he had and that’s how I came about to take this offer.

Q: During the first-half, the true identity of Lee Yoon is not evident and he is portrayed as a playful character. But as the story progresses, his dignity as the successor is revealed. Which side of him matches your personality in real life?
A: I guess it would be Yoon during the first-half of the story. In the modern days, I don’t think there’re much people who have a heavy, successor-like aura on a regular basis. Personally, it’s better for me to just take it easy.

Q: Did you discover anything relatable when portraying this character? Continue reading

[Headlines/Trans] 150804 Lee Junki and Shim Changmin Infiltrate the Palace “the Action Begins”




  • SWWTN Lee Junki & Shim Changmin has finally met up! Late night within the palace, as if being led to each other like a magnet, the appearance where they faces off each other is revealed! (Scheduled for E9)
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[Instagram] 150729 Changmin’s Spotted in a Video Actor Lee Junki Posted of his Fans’ Food Support for the Drama


TVXQ’s bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan can be spotted as well~






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[Headlines/PIC] 150722 Lee Junki, Lee Yoobi & Changmin, the Peculiar Tension between the Three During their 1st Encounter Together


밤선비_이준기_이유비_심창민_첫_삼자대면 (1)


  • Lee Junki, Lee Yoobi & Changmin, the peculiar tension between the three during their 1st encounter together



Posted on 150721:

                    <밤을 걷는 선비> 달밤 속 심창민, '벗이라기엔 너무나 다정한 눈빛' 이미지-1

                    <밤을 걷는 선비> 달밤 속 심창민, '벗이라기엔 너무나 다정한 눈빛' 이미지-2

  • Changmin’s “very gentle gaze at his friend” under the moonlit night



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[Instagram] 150717 Changmin in Selcas with his “Scholar Who Walks the Night” Co-actors~


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