[Headlines/Trans] 150804 Lee Junki and Shim Changmin Infiltrate the Palace “the Action Begins”




  • SWWTN Lee Junki & Shim Changmin has finally met up! Late night within the palace, as if being led to each other like a magnet, the appearance where they faces off each other is revealed! (Scheduled for E9)
    [cr: Star Daily News, KR-JP Translation by @soratomax: here]
  • The heart-throbbing scene of Sungyeol’s surprised figure who met Yoon in the palace,and the meaningful gaze that Yoon fixes on him [cr: bntnews, KR-JP Translation by @soratomax: here]
  • [MBC official] SWWTN Junki & Shim Changmin infiltrate the palace “the action begins” [cr: iMBC, KR-JP Translation by @soratomax: here]
                         <밤을 걷는 선비> 이준기-심창민, 궁궐 침투로 '행동개시' 이미지-1
                         <밤을 걷는 선비> 이준기-심창민, 궁궐 침투로 '행동개시' 이미지-2
  • SWWTN Actors/actresses at the filming set「Lets avoid the sun〜♪」[cr: iMBC, KR-JP Translation by @raibowbridge: here]
                         <밤을 걷는 선비> 촬영장 속 배우들, '태양을 피하고 싶어서~♪' 이미지-1



밤선비_이준기 심창민 심야궁궐 얼굴맞대면

SWWTN Sungyeol & Lee Yoon (Shim Changmin) hold the same eyes expression, who are both trying to eliminate the vampire Gwi who lives within the palace and (currently) reign over the throne. Meanwhile, in view of their ambition, the appearance where both of them faces off each other in the middle of the palace is revealed.
The producing crew said “As if being led by magnet, the tension between Sungyeol and Yoon at late night in their first face-off encounter within the palace is scheduled to appear in EP9 broadcast”, “what reasons will bring the both of them together? what kind of development will the two people have hereafter? Please look forward to it.”




News sources and KR-JP translations as we indicated above,
All JP-EN Translations by @joeylfy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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