[INFO] 170804 TVXQ Songs Among Top 10 Popular Songs at Everysing’s SMTown Live in Japan Karaoke Event

It looks like SM’s Everysing Japan conducted a questionnaire at the venue(?) of SMTown live in Japan

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[Fanacc] 170730 Possible Song Release of Yunho’s Drop as a Fan Heard During The Dance Workshop with Shim Jaewon and Back Mihawk

A “Dance Workshop in Tokyo” with Shim Jaewon and Back Mihawk was held on 7/29 after SMTown Tokyo ended (which was announced back in 170718 on Shim Jaewon’s Instagram) . A fan who attended shared what she heard from both of them on Yunho’s Drop possible release as a song. Some other fans are wondering if it would be included in TVXQ’s comeback album~




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[Instagram] 170729 One of the Japanese Dancers Team for Yunho’s Drop Shared Yunho’s Words with them~

From Tokyo Dome SMTown concerts:

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[Instagram] 170717 Singer J-Min Posted about Yunho’s Teddy Bear Gift After SMTown Osaka~

J-min also had posted after SMTown Osaka that she received a teddy bear from Yunho!

So it looks like not just the coffee, but also the little cute teddy bears were gifts from Yunho > w < (we are referring to the one the Grace’s Sunday posted before along with her coffee~)!


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