[PIC] 180825 Tohoshinki Backstage with SOLIDEMO at 2018 a-nation 8/25 Concert in Ajinomoto Stadium

Tohoshinki backstage, after their performance, with their Japanese-label junior group SOLIDEMO through posts shared by SOLIDEMO’s official group’s account and members’ including Takeshi who is a big a Tohoshinki fan~ ^^

They took a group photo in Tohoshinki’s last a-nation on 2014, and now another one after 4 years!


#東方神起 #Bigeast #anation2018


[cr: solidemo_official: here]


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[Twitter] 170110 SOLIDEMO’s Mukaiyama Takeshi Names Tohoshinki as Artists he Wants to Work With

Mukaiyama Takeshi is a vocalist from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s junior group in avex, and seems to be a big fan of our boys! He linked in a tweet to an article in which he named Tohoshinki, the Gospellers and Backstreet Boys, respectively, as the artistes he wanted to work with the most.

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[Twitter] 160319 SOLIDEMO’s Producer and Member Mukaiyama Takeshi on 東方神起 TREE Documentary Film



{p/n: we have subbed the documentary video: here}


SOLIDEMO’s Producer’s Tweet:

[tweet https://twitter.com/KOKI_SOLIDEMO/status/711008950796156928]

I love you, the song is beautiful, and I had tears when I listened to their interview. Amazing~



SOLIDEMO’s member (vocalist) Mukaiyama Takeshi in response to the above tweet:


[tweet https://twitter.com/TAKE_SOLIDEMO/status/711050468332417026]

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[Twitter] 141217 Solidemo Member (A Huge Tohoshinki Fan) tweets about his Tohoshinki “WITH” Album



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