[PIC] New SUM Goods for TVXQ!: Strawberry U-Know, Peach MAX, Wet Tissues and More!

There’s been a continuous stream of new products at SUM for TVXQ fans that we haven’t posted about for months, so we will posting here some of them with their prices :D~
You have to especially check out the strawberry and peach addition to TVXQ themed products (*o > w <)o!!!

For those who are new or just not sure what we are talking about: TVXQ fans have always associated Yunho with strawberries probably for how often he says he likes them, and Changmin with peaches since he acted as the spy named momo (which also means peach in Japanese) in his Japanese movie back in 2012. Now you can say SM has just made this fan-made symbolism official by releasing them as wappens and pins with the boys names on them~




 1. Pin Badges (Price: 6,900₩ each*)


  • U-Know Strawberry and Max Peach, as milk/juice cartons, WITH, Champagne, and Time Works Wonders

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[Instagram] New TVXQ! SUM Goods: Accessories in Gold and Silver, Rabbit-Ears Towel~





Cool Enough Studio x SUM: Towel set




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[Instagram] 150424 TVXQ!’s Selcas with the TVXQ! Official SUM Hats~

TVXQ!’s Selcas with the TVXQ! Official SUM Hats, as shared by the official account of the store






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