[Instagram/Twitter] 160723 One of Yunho’s Champagne Composers’ just got his Rise As God Copies~


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[INFO] 160207 China Baidu Music King Chart 2015: NO.3 TVXQ with Yunho’s Champagne!!

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China Baidu Music King Chart 2015: TVXQ Yunho’s Champagne 3rd for most crowns won (4 weeks in 20515)


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TVXQ’s Champagne :

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TVXQ’s Special Album “Rise As God” that was released on the 20th of July had the double-title tracks of U-Know Yunho’s Champagne and Choikang Changmin’s Rise As One. Champagne rose to take the crown for Week 30 and remained at the top for the next consecutive 3 weeks, becoming 2015’s super consecutive king.




Baidu King Bar (百度King榜) via @snxy,
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[News-bntNews] 150806 TVXQ Proves They Are The “Gods of the East”



[by Sora Ghim] TVXQ dominated charts once again in Korea and China with its special album.

On July 20, TVXQ released its special album ‘RISE AS GOD.’ It placed first on the Gaon Chart weekly album and was also first for the month of July, showing its tremendous power as Asia’s best group.

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