[Fanacc] 170412 On Spotting Yunho and Changmin at SM Communication Center~

Yunho and Changmin were both seen on 170412 at SM communication center~


Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • Today, I was walking outside SM CC, when I saw 3 guys outside, and had this strange familiar feeling, could it be.. and it was Yunho!!
  • I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything. Had no batt either. Yunho’s Continue reading

[Instagram] 160912 TVXQ! Photobook HELiOPHiLiA! Pre-Order from SUM Event Announced~


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<#TVXQ! 의 특별한 화보집 #HELiOPHiLiA! 예약판매 안내> 🌹 '햇살을 좋아한다' 는 뜻의 HELiOPHiLiA! ✨ 따뜻한 햇살, 아름다운 해변과 함께한 휴가를 담은 #화보집! 😍 9월 12일부터 #SUM 매장에서 사전 예약 구매를 할 수 있습니다. 사전 예약을 통해 화보집을 구매하시는 고객님 중 8명을 추첨하여 ‪9월 21일‬부터 #SUM @ #SMTOWN coexartium , SUM @ LOTTE youngplaza 에서 전시한 #동방신기 화보집 HELiOPHiLiA!의 대형컨텐츠 출력물을 드립니다! 💕 예약판매기간 : ‪9월 12일 (월) ~ 9월 28일 (수)‬ 예약판매처 : SUM @ SMTOWN coexartium, SUM @ LOTTE youngplaza, SUM @ #DDP, #SUMMARKET @ #SMcommunicationcenter B1

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From 9/12, you can reserve your copy of HELiOPHiLiA at SUM stores. Continue reading

[PIC] New SUM Goods for TVXQ!: Strawberry U-Know, Peach MAX, Wet Tissues and More!

There’s been a continuous stream of new products at SUM for TVXQ fans that we haven’t posted about for months, so we will posting here some of them with their prices :D~
You have to especially check out the strawberry and peach addition to TVXQ themed products (*o > w <)o!!!

For those who are new or just not sure what we are talking about: TVXQ fans have always associated Yunho with strawberries probably for how often he says he likes them, and Changmin with peaches since he acted as the spy named momo (which also means peach in Japanese) in his Japanese movie back in 2012. Now you can say SM has just made this fan-made symbolism official by releasing them as wappens and pins with the boys names on them~




 1. Pin Badges (Price: 6,900₩ each*)


  • U-Know Strawberry and Max Peach, as milk/juice cartons, WITH, Champagne, and Time Works Wonders

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[INFO] 160330 New TVXQ SUM Food Products: Red Ginseng, Spicy Popcorn and Lobster Flavored Potato Chips!



  • SUM x PEACOCK: TVXQ! Spicy and Barbecue POPCORN (620kcal)
    Price: 1,980₩ [cr: @tvxqyoonmin] \ EDIT: Each: 1,980₩ | BOX (12 bags): 23,760₩ [cr: @0206yhken via @snxy\


which was introduces by the shinsegae group vice chairman (owns emart) on his instagram!



[cr: Jeong Yong Jin’s Instagram (yj_loves) via @snxy]



More Photos from a fan, saying that it tastes sweet & spicy and it is the most delicious popcorn so far :

[cr: @0206yhken via @snxy]





  • SUM x emart: TVXQ! Korean Red Ginseng Extract Tablet (6 years old ginseng)
    Price: 38,900₩ (600mg x 120 Capsules)


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[Non-fanacc] 160328 About Spotting Yunho Shopping at Yangju’s E-mart with Army Mates on 160319


“Do you know who this is?”

OP had gone to emart with (her?) family when she heard staff go “kya-ah!!”, getting excited over seeing this person whilst receiving autographs. But (she?) was wondering who it was and took a photo so (she?) could ask her dongsaeng at home. Dongsaeng went daebak!! It’s u-know yunho!! How could I (OP) not know.. She had asked if it had been an event but it was just a few soldiers at emart buying groceries. She didn’t know as she seldom watched TV and didn’t know celebrities especially idols well. Seems her luck (that day) had been good and she had taken a photo of a celebrity. ㅎㅎ




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Translated by @snxy,
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