[Trans] 141217 MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album (Part.1)



Q: How did it go with recording this album?
CM: Especially Yunho was busy, weren’t you?
YH: I had a really tough schedule. In the midst of recoding the album, I was in filming of a drama, “Diary of Night Watchman). So we focused on recording some songs first.. then there was a break, and finally we focused on finishing up recording the rest. So the tone of my singing voice for the first time and the last time I did recording is somewhat different. I think that audiences will find the difference interesting.

Q: Which songs did you record first?
YH: CHANDELIER and .. we recorded up to the first chorus of REFUSE TO LOSE and we recorded the rest just recently. So you may find the tone of my voice different in one song.

Q: How about you, Changmin?
CM: I was taking it easy. Because when Yunho did filming of the drama, we have less work to do as a duo. Therefore, I was able to relax a little.

Q: This album contains many songs featuring horn section and the leading song, SPINNING is the best of them.
YH: Yes, it is. We already sang songs like SOMETHING, SURISURI (SPELLBOUND) in this year’s live and the sound concept of this new album emerged with these songs.

Q: In SURISURI (SPELLBOUND), you have shown fascinating/sexy stage performance with female dancers as you did in your MV during the TREE tour in the spring. I guess there were some female fans that envied these dancers or writhed with jealousy.
CM: Personally, I think something like that was good.
YH: I thought so too because we had not shown something like that (to people) before.
But I feel easier to dance with male dancers.

Q: Is that because you do not need to look out for the male dancers? (laugh)
YH: Yes (laugh)
Q: I think it was great to include such performance into (your song) so that it became more entertaining. In other words, the song made your show more complete/perfect.
YH: I agree with you. Until the song, TOHOSHINKI did our best with men only. Therefore, the performance of SURISURI (SPELLBOUND) and SOMETHING are unique to catch people’s attention.
CM: I should say that it is great to include women on-site. The atmosphere is different when we are working in the environment full of male dancers and staffs or when we have just one woman joined in the team.

Q: She would make the atmosphere more brilliant and cheerful.
CM: Exactly! The atmosphere of the place became cheerful and people become more friendly to each other. Also, men would pay more attention to her/look out for her in a good sense when we have a woman in our team.
YH: I guess we will be more alert/tense. Even she is not looking at us, I guess unconsciously we pay attention to her. I think that this is not just about us, men, but her too. Therefore, I think it’s good after all/gives us a good balance.

Q: Let’s talk about SPINNING. What did you think when you first heard the song?
YH: When I first heard the chorus, I was so thrilled. I thought the back band session was cool. But I also felt that I heard song before, somewhere else (laugh).
CM: I thought the lyrics was sexy.

Q: Is the because the lyrics is about a man who was played like a fool by an attractive woman?
CM: Yes. In other words, the woman is incredibly attractive to make the man like that.

Q: The MV featuring your dance in high and low pitch was really cool.
CM: In the MV, we collaborated with a marching band who play wind instruments and we danced together. And I think that was really cool. Although the part of MV is short, you can see the new performance of us.
YH: It was powerful. The movement is just like a marching band marches. Oh, I should add that the choreography of this song includes a lot of our ad-lib. Before this song, I arranged dance sequence that was originally provided by a choreographer. But this time, we were allowed to create many parts of choreography.

Q: Can you tell us more details about your ad-lib part?
YH: The choreography of the chore part was fixed. But the verse part is almost all ad-libbed. Therefore at each filming, our movement had changed.

Q: Do you think that is the best part of this song?
YH: Yes. In addition, I danced with a chair.. and I just danced freely at each filming.. so
Instead of dancing really hard, I think the best part to watch is that we moved our hands and bodies in a cool fashion.

Q: The next song, BELIEVE IN U is a mid number song that helps chilling down our tension being agitated by REFUSE TO LOSE ~INTRODUCTION~ and SPINNING.
YH: I like this song too. In the background of where we sing “HORA (Here)” and “IMA (NOW)”, you can hear our harmony, “I believe in”. I love that part very much! Also I like a song in this genre. I used to sing a song like this a lot in the past.

Q: This is the song to encourage your friend who is facing at the deciding moment in his/her life.
CM: When you walk on the path called life, sometimes you trip or you bump into a wall.. so we want to cheer the person beside him/her. This is the song about friendship/compassion to such a friend. But also, this is the song for myself. When I listen to this song, I start to feel relaxed. This song also gives me encouragement.
YH: We can refresh our minds. I think the lyrics overlaps with the path that we had taken before. I also feel that this is also a song for me.

Text by Takashi Inomata (DO THE MONKEY)



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Translation by @beriko0214
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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