[Fanacc/Stream/PIC] 141219 TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY in Beijing at MasterCard Center (Part.1)


Translated by @mug_ping (via live stream of the concert):

  • Yunho: Thank you for coming to our concert today. Personally for me, I really wanted to come to Beijing
  • Y: Because the fans always show passionate support all the time, I still remember those memories firmly in my head.
  • Changmin: Everybody in Beijing, you guys are staying healthy right? Both of us really wanted to meet you guys. Thank you for coming today!
  • Changmin: if everybody sings the old TVXQ songs which received a lot of love before together with us in this quiet atmosphere.. shall we leave on a time travel vacation which can allow us to ruminate on the past times?
  • Changmin: Although you guys may not be able to perfectly memorize the lyrics because these are Korean songs,if you guys have listened to them a fair no of times, coz they are famous songs which you can sing along, it would be great if you can sing tgt.
  • C: personally, I am honestly really touched by the Beijing fans. While on the #T1ST0RY tour, it seems like everybody here sang the loudest!
  • Y: I was also surprised, because you guys sang real~ly much louder than I expected!
  • Y: Because everybody here evidently has a good sense, I believe that you guys will sing along with us well!
  • Y: are you ready? the tune doesn’t matter, but it would be great if you can match the beat! To the people who sing the loudest! Presents!
  • Y: Is everybody satisfied with the newly adapted “Something” and “Spellbound”? Actually, we wanted to show everybody things we hadn’t tried before, through the concerts this time around..
  • Y: as everybody has seen, we showed everybody a lot of musical-like appearances. We wanted to show everybody cute and sexy sides.



via/ Translated by @snxy:

  • ‘To TVXQ..tour’s success. We have walked with u for 10 yrs, may your 11th anniversary be as happy too’“: Every Min, と、並んだところ ”
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  • 将爱MyYunho’s support: 5 types 1) lightsticks 2) free fan-gifts 3) picture cards 4) ichigo LED boards 5) 3 banners, also the 2 reflective banners & lightsticks are e Chinese Yunho fansite union’s joint fan project for Yunho /
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  • F: 维洛妮卡V changmin’s fangoods are so cute p_q
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  • ‘the priceless time with the Male Gods (TVXQ), all at the Mastercard Centre.’ – mastercard china ad
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  • Fan support by BeautyMin for staff working with TVXQ for the concert today!
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  • YunhoBar’s Yunho banners p_q Mooseokie! “: 中国uknow允浩房 ムソク可愛い^^ ”
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  • Story’s TVXQ fansupport banner: we will spend the 5000th day together too, right?
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  • RT @BeautyMin_SCM: Beijing T1ST0RY Backstage Support. Snacks for #Changmin,TVXQ and staffs. Champagne Rose for Changmin.
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  • Example of We are T! at for Yunho & Changmin’s solo projs f: (who is at the con)
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  • Official fan message : WE ARE T during Always With You f: 中国uknow允浩房 + 幸福Yunhosama #T1ST0RYinBEIJING 谢谢。Formation has been announced alr.
  • Fansites r reminding fans to use the solo proj lights only for the solos, and Red for everything else bc TVXQ fans and TVXQ = Redㅜ
  • RT : 3 colors of lightsticks on each seat. cr:世界第一西皮
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  • Whoa. Shim Jangmi cosplay f: 沈允心
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  • Chinese fans all tweeting abt how close their seats are to the stage >< /envy/ f: 这里只和你有关
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  • ime to make a greeting 1-2-3 Hello, we are TVXQ
    Yunho: today we r in beijing so we want to use chinese to say hi to everyone.
    in chinese hello we r TVXQ
    Yunho: everyone is really passionate today
    Yunho: let’s go off the stage (??) and continue – might have a mistake bc muffled stream-
  • Hello I am U-Know Yunho. Do you like me? I like you all.
  • Changmin is on stage in his mesh shirt.
  • Yunho is wearing a sleeveless top. ‘Let’s not talk too much, let’s continue.’ – Yunho
  • Yunho: Today, we will show everything we have to everyone. Everyone, please anticipate.
    Changmin took off his jacket, he was wearing his mesh shirt.
    Changmin: First, we have not held a concert in Beijing for very long. Today, you all look very pretty. Coming here was the right choice, we have prepared many things, will you stay until the end to watch?
    f: FAY
  • -changmin’s greeting- f: APO Changmin: Hello everyone, I am Changmin. You all look really pretty today (he spoke in Mandarin). Firstly, we have not held a concert in Beijing for very long. How have you been? Yet once the concert started, you are all still so passionate. Really thankful. Today, we have prepared many things for eeryone. Will you watch until the end? Today, coming here is the right choice. Let’s not talk too much. Shall we continue to the next segment?
  • Yunho’s greeting f: APO: Yunho: Let’s first say hello, using Korean. Hello we are TVXQ> Today we have come to Beijing, so let’s use Mandarin to greet everyone. -Mandarin- Hello, we are TVXQ! -Korean- today, everyone’s really passionate. shall we prepare for the next stage an continue? First, let me greet everyone. Hello! I am U-Know Yunho. Did you miss me? I missed you all! First, I am really thankful to everyone for coming to TVXQ’s concert. Personally, I really wanted to come to Beijing, because Beijing’s audience is especially passionate. In my mind, it is unforgettable. So when we started, we danced really passionately. Could you feel it? Now the concert has officially started, today we will show you everything we have. Are you ready? Please anticipate! Thank you everyone.
  • (on Changmin) First he unbuttoned the two, then the rest. Top part of the cleavage first, then all the way
  • There is almost no one at the back; everyone’s crowding to the front
  • Boys are right in front of the fans
  • Changmin shook his hips in front of fans when he was in front of them
  • omg everyone calling yunho’s name (because he’s right in front now) #T1ST0RY for Your Man
  • Streamer: Yunho is really handsome, too handsome
  • Yunho is sitting in frt of the mirror and pulling faces :3
  • Changmin is asking Yunho to let him go after the pretty girls first – Steppin’ –
  • Yunho and female dancer body dance >< (hence the fans’ cries) – Destiny
  • Changmin x sofa – Destiny
  • Changmin was still on the raised platform but Yunho went down
  • Yunho has left the stage #T1ST0RYinBEIJING (he did this in Seoul today – think his solo is next)
  • Female dancers r on stage now for BANG #T1ST0RYinBEIJING Yunho is wearing red gloves
  • Fans chanting Yunho’s name for his dance break
  • Yunho: white top, jeans, red gloves for BANG
  • yunho: NI HAO (how are you) in mandarin. everyone, how are you?
  • yunho: we were thinking of going on holiday with everyone. how about camping? what do you think?
  • yunho said thank you in mandarin
  • even tho it’s not a real holiday, hope everyone can feel wht it’s like to go on holiday w tvxq – changmin
  • Changmin, swallowed his saliva?
  • What did you think of the songs that we sang? Yunho
  • Do you know the meaning of T1ST0RY
  • Yunho: Did everyone like the songs that were put together? What did you think of it? To be honest, for this concert, Beijing’s audience is the passionate and their voices are the nicest. When we came out just now, we were frightened.
  • Yunho: Is the right ready? (In Mandarin) Changmin: Is the left ready? (In Mandarin)
  • Even tho the songs we will sing might not be familiar, we hope everyone will like it – Changmin
  • Changmin is sitting in a very demure position (legs crossed), Yunho is sitting with his legs wide open ><
  • Is everyone ready? Everyone, let’s sing together! (in mandarin) Yunho
  • Yunho: Everyone, raise your hands and clap. I don’t know wt kind of song will come out, let’s just sing together. (beatboxing)
  • yunho: everyone has to be able to clap along and perform well. the present will be ——— there is nothing! (in a cute tone)
  • they did not have signed cards this time. – dream VCR –
  • streamer: from up close, changmin is really handsome~
  • changmin sat on the chair and was pushed down the stage #T1ST0RYinBEIJING there is a separate recorder recording them up close
  • sorry. fans screaming bc changmin threw water on himself.
  • Yunho shouted BEIJING during STL
  • Changmin just took off his top STL
  • Changmin stripped off his top and then poured water again on himself
  • Yunho said the hardest part was to prepare smth different for everyone. #T1ST0RYinBEIJING he hopes tt for evry concert there’s smth specia
  • The BTS VCR is subtitled in Mandarin
  • yunho said the next song is very manly. lol. (KYHD)
  • Yunho: Did you all like this song? Actually we wanted to show everyone, everything that we had not shown before, through this concert. There is a range of cute, sexy that kind that has been shown to everyone already. now the concert is ending, the last song is especially manly.
  • boys are going side to side to bow and thank fans
  • Yunho: I love you all, Beijing. Remember us!
  • Ending talk: Yunho – Did you guys think it was fun? In future, we will work even harder. You will wait for us right? Thank you. Many people have worked hard for us. First, I want to thank our dancers. ***Then thank our band members…
    ***[t/n: they did not indicate who said what but if im not wrong, changmin introduced the band members’ part]
    Yunho: Actually to us, Beijing is very meaningful. Today, the main leads are you all. Let’s give ourselves applause to encourage us. We will work harder. WE ARE… T! We love you all. Thank you.
  • fans have not left the venue yet. they refuse to leave
  • they are still chanting for the encore #T1ST0RYinBEIJING even tho there are announcements asking people to leave.
  • people are wondering what happened bc the encore was too short. only ten.
  • i hear faintly, some fans singing – in mandarin ‘i only care about you’ 我只在乎你~
  • f: APO+世界第一西皮 Ending talk Changmin: Today I am really happy to have had a wonderful time with everyone. In future, we will work even harder. You will wait for us right? Yunho: Thank you everyone. Beijing, really thankful to everyone. We will carry the love back home with us. The exciting performance that everyone saw today, was because of the hard work of many people. First, I would like to thank our dancers. Aren’t they very handsome?~ Changmin: Yes, still need to thank our dancers,, ah no. Our band.. Yunho: And today’s main leads, you all. Please give yourselves the loudest applause~
    Yunho: I love you all. Beijing, remember us!
    f: 世界第一西皮
    Yunho: We’ve always been thankful to Chinese fans, they have taken many pictures of us….
  • f: sivasingh the cheers for yunho’s solo was amazing. calls of ‘Jung Yunho’ all at once once the stage darkened before and after. Oh and the dance piece. BANG was sexy in a different way than the feel of the youth today.
    (t/n: sorry for the phrasing, my brain isn’t really working now)

by @lovehug48:

  • Finished ….. but encore song they only performed “TEN”
  • During the medley performance #Yunho siad please sing together and louder, who’s loudly will has present, but the present is nothing


by @yilunleong:

  • JIKIMI_SHIM giving out banners for tonight’s concert
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  • Changmin random fans got together to make led light board for tonght
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  • Changmin Bar givingout banners for tonight
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  • Beauty Min giving out their banners for tonight.
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  • My yunho giving out banners n selling goods for tonight.
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  • Some goodies for sale
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  • Yunlover land’s goodies. .
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  • Yunhobar members queing up to get fan support for tonight. Queue is long!
  • I missed this…cheersyunho, one of yh’s fansite giving out yellow lightsicks for yh’s solo…
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  • First greeting!
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Shared by TVXQ! Express

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