[Fanacc] 150220 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~at Nagoya Dome (Part.1)


Fanaccounts, Including Pre-Concert Ones and Photos:


Fanaccount by @snxy:


Pre-Concert Fanaccounts:

  • Tohoshinki fans all the way from airport to airport train to subway to mall beside the dome. I see quite a few fanboys too
  • Shine bright like a diamond

  • Special express counter for drinks at the pharmacy in the mall

  • Yunho came up to Changmin, touched his abs and then acted like his hand was burnt f: tagged

  • Changmin hovered over his cake first, like he knew what was gonna happen. Yunho took his mic, threw the candles away and then pushed

    Changmin’s head down. Changmin initially resisted but he gave in. Yunho then smeared more on. f: tagged

  • My view from my seat tonight (left) and where the extended stage was (right) to me ^^

Concert Fanaccounts:

  • Btw the MC moments should be hyung pabo moments. Changmin was tickled silly by Yunho most of the time, laughing, shoulders shaking squatting and laughing at whatever yunho was saying. He also reached out and touched Yunho’s arm and back a few times, even lingering.
  • Changmin suddenly started arranging his birthday candles altogether in the centre. We realised it was so he cld blow them out in one go.
  • Yunho led us in singing the birthday song for Changmin and finished it off as well. It was befitting his voice started and ended it ;;
  • During e encore when boys were walking on the grd level, Yunho suddenly reached out and ^5-ed a fan. We (my section at least) all screamed and the fan was so stunned, she was holding her hands to her mouth for quite awhile and her friend was hugging her.
  • During WITH LOVE, boys were on the moving stages and while Changmin was singing, Yunho kept waving in all directions to fans and bowing;;
  • I can’t rmb which ballad it was alr, but boys were on raised platforms and while one was singing, the other seemed to be staring intently at the audience. as if trying to memorise our faces. we were waving / screaming as their gazes flitted ovr us ;; i rmb this esp.
  • Yunho was really his highest today. So much energy, he was sprinting, jumping, talking, smiling, doing his gag and aegyoing. Precious ;;
  • Like literally. Yunho sprinted down one end, then to the other and back across. Changmin meanwhile just jogging briskly. Lol.
  • Yunho’s hair tonight reminded me of Time Slip. This exactly, especially in the white deep v-neck costume.

  • Yunho’s vocal progress evident esp in Doushite LITI. You NEED to hear it LIVE. His range has widened and he can hold the power notes now.
  • Actually just attend a concert. yunho is actually contributing a lot of the mid-tenor vocals now
  • Con started at 6.15-18? We noticed this murmur in the front & realised fans were standing to greet Sam-san as he walked to the stage booth.
  • I can’t rmb if it’s choosey lover or not, but yunho does this hip swerve and the camera does a zoom-in and my section GASPED IN UNISON.
  • The first encore ended & it seemed for real. Ppl even left. Then sudd it went dark, words appeared on the screen. Ppl were running back lol.
  • During WITH LOVE, as the words ‘with love’ appeared on the screen, boys faced each other as they sang tog and words changed to ‘with you’.
  • During the history of tvxq vcr, as they relive all their periods as a duo (humanoids etc) yunho looks at changmin and lifts his hand for  a fist bump. Changmin looks at him knowingly and then bumps him. OUR FEELS OKAY WHEN THAT HAPPENED. We were all AHHH.
  • aft changmin drenched himself and took off his top at STL. He then adjusted his mic belt to move it frm ard his lower abs to his hip.
  • We all got trolled by yunho too. During the mc we were waiting for him to cut in with his gag but he didn’t. Then suddenly he reached for changmin’s water bottle which he was holding and we were all AHH cos poss homin moment right? And yunho suddenly does his gag instead
  • The desert VCR is so fast and furious (like the movie) esp when they drive past each other, stop, exchange looks, zoom into a drift.
  • Yunho in black leather w his bangs in his face. changmin revving his engine. And then ARE YOU READY? The choreo makes one wanna hit smth.
  • The rehearsal vcr at the end has a scene where changmin ^5s yunho’s casually outstretched hand like they’ve just done smth well. Loved it.
  • During the MC when they talk abt their JP 10yr anni, Yunho mimicks the drum rally behind excitedly. Changmin is drinking water. Then he  joins in (not as excitedly as yunho) But yunho has his eyes closed all in e moment. Changmin finally goes over and pulls Yunho’s arm down
  • Explaining WITH-
    Changmin: with.. with nagoya.
    And then he enunciates this slowly: Yunho With Changmin.
    We all cheer.
    Cm: with music..
    Yunho: with you /points/ you /points camera eye contact/ you /points/ and then he bursts into shy laughter ;;;;;;;;
  • And finally, Yunho’s flexiblity. I can’t. Esp this move always. He does it and sort of bounces up on one arm upright.



Fanaccounts translated by @joeylfy :

Pre-Concert Fanaccounts:

  • The venue~ It’s cold as wind blows, especially in places without sunshine~ RT 日があたらない場所は、風が冷たくて寒いで…

  • Found in Nagoya station, right after the staircase of Higashiyama Line entrance, on the left…. (f:)

  • The queue for goods at 10.30am JST, extended till Gate 7… RT 10時半現在、グッズ行列は7ゲート前まで伸びました。今はさらに伸びて、少し…

  • At Nagoya Dome… OMO the queue… RT ナゴヤドーーム

  • Today’s venue-limited charm! RT : チャーム♡♡

  • Premium Seat Entrance at NAGOYA dome RT : P席ゲート

  • Clear poster (3 designs) if you purchase WITH album at the venue RT : 会場限定 クリアポスター

  • NAGOYA receipt messages (in dialects) Y: Really want to meet everyone!
    NAGOYA receipt messages (in dialects) C: What kind of live (performance) will it be!? ^^
    RT @qingxin21

  • Mini tote bag sold out at Premium Goods Line RT : 【2/20 13:55現在 P席グッズ】 ミニトート 売り切れ

  • Typo, sorry XD Venue-limited charm sold out! At around 2pm JST RT : チャーム売り切れた(;_;)(;_;)
  • Charms and mini tote bag sold out at premium goods line 2.25pm JST RT : 14:25 プレミアムグッズ販売 チャーム売り切れ

  • Look at the crowd! RT : トントラすごい人だ〣( ºΔº )〣

Concert Fanaccounts:

150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
Yunho final words “There were a lot of special things happened today. We had a party for Changmin birthday, we started We are T here in Nagoya today too! That’s why Nagoya is special!” He said so with such a gentle look on his face ❤️
RT @akapitvxq7: ユノ最後「今日は特別なことたくさんしました。チャンミンの誕生日バーティーもしたし、ここ名古屋でweare Tが始まった。だから名古屋は特別」だと。

150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya

Y: The title of the new song is…?
Y: People who doesn’t know…?
BE: Yesssss!
Y: Quickly go home!
RT @Chii06u_Know03: 【2月20日名古屋】


150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya

Y: (In) Nagoya, there is us who are working hard…

Y: and with everyone (here) who are watching us! (It starts with “GO” when spoken in JP)

Y: We felt really blessed for being here! (The sentence starts with “YA” when spoken in JP)

A completely ad-lib MC ^^

(t/n: Sorry, this is a bit tough to translate because it’s split into three bits for the word play on NA.GO.YA)

RT @mayamin26: 0220名古屋★




/cough cough/ 150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
CM: Sometimes (our) pants will torn as we dance, right…
YH: Especially (during) DIRT!
CM: It’s embarrassing right… ///
RT @sayu_urin33: 【150220 東方神起 WITHコン 名古屋】
(´・J・`) たまに踊ってるとズボン破れたりするよね…
( ∵ )特にDIRT!!!
(´・J・`) はじゅかしいですよね///


150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
Talking about their 10th Year Anniversary
Y: Among the long history of 10 weeks…
BE: EHH? 10 weeks?!
Y continued talking without noticing the error…
RT @rinlope: 【WITH 2/20】10周年の話でユノが
(∵) 10週間の長い歴史の中て〜……


150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
Y: Because I had Hitsumabushi earlier, now I’m very motivated!
BE: /went noisy/
(fr OP: Everyone, what are you thinking about…)
(t/n: Hitsumabushi – Grilled eel on rice, Nagoya specialty… And eel is good for men because….)
RT @tx_hm0224: 【WITH 2/20名古屋】


150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
Today’s Changmin
When he sees Yunho went berserk during MC, he went on his knees a couple of times and was laughing. I really like the Changmin who laughed/smiled when he sees Yunho was having a good time/enjoying it.
Anyway, the way that Yunho went berserk today, did not happened very often? www
RT @yc____cy: 今日のチャンミン、


150220 #TohoWithTour Nagoya
C: I drank Yunho’s water… I’m sorry.
Y: Rassungorerai! Rassungorerai! Why (did you) drink water! Chotto Matte Chotto Matte, Changmin-San!
(t/n: Chotto Matte = Hold on, wait a moment)
RT @kimikmi0503: 【名古屋 初日】



Fanaccounts translated by @changmin_et_moi:

Pre-Concert Fanaccounts:

  • goods queue alr at gate 3. Windy tho it’s sunny”: ナゴヤドーム(`_´)ゞ今グッズ最後尾は3ゲート前…今日は晴れですけど、風が吹いている…みんなさん気をつけてね “

  • Queue till gate 6 at 10.15am. Halfway round the dome,”: 10時15分現在のグッズ列は 詰めた状態で6ゲート ドームの半周並んでます… トンペンの購買力舐めてた(∵`)
  • today’s special charm! So pretty!! “: チャーム♡♡ “

  • Receipts trans (in nagoya dialect) YH: I really really want to meet everyone CM: i wonder what kind of Live will it be? ^^ (Cr: jing_na)
  • receipts with messages for nagoya dome! “: 名古屋レシート

  • Charms sold out!“ チャーム売り切れた(;_;)(;_;)””
  • あつた蓬莱軒 is catering food for THSK today! Of cuz it’ll be the famous ひつまぶし (hitsumabushi) when in Nagoya (cr:nodako206)

Concert Fanaccounts:

  • Changmin did a heart shape during choosey lover today! (Cr: qingxin218)
  • Opening ment CM talked abt eating Hitsumabushi before the conc today. He doesnt look too pleased with it frm his expression (cr: qingxin218)
  • CM’s hand gesture was really sexy while dancing with the mic stand during “No?” (cr; chichari豆)
  • Seems like CM did another heart shape or more today (cr: qingxin218)
  • Ment: Changmin said “Yunho with Changmin”!
    Usually he says yunho with shim (Cr: qingxin218)
  • Ment (cr: qingxin218)

  • When talking abt the 10th anni debut in Japan, CM grabbed onto YH’s arms to stop the drumroll by the band (cr: chichari)
  • Ment (Cr: nodako206) in more detail

  • Ment (Cr: qingxin218) changmin drank YH’s water!

  • CM sang a part of another song during the ment today (usually he sings “rainy blue”) (cr: qingxin218)
  • CM sang a part of XJapan’s “Forever Love” instead of rainy blue today (cr: shimly_shimmer)
  • CM spilled some water on the stage, and started cleaning the stage with a rag (cr: qingxin218)
  • Ment (Cr: nodako206) aww YH is so cute!

  • Ment CM: it’s enough to eat hitsumabushi once a day… (cr: qingxin218)
  • Ment (Cr: nodako206) Lols the boys bickering again 😛 and a glimpse of their daily life together:P

  • YH mentioned that eating hitsumabushi once a day is enuf, and he’s feeling full of vigor now. (Cr: nodako206)
  • Ment (Cr: nodako206) so cute!

  • CM unbottoned during Rising Sun!!! (cr: qingxin218)
  • They celebrated CM’s birthday! And he was really surprised! (Cr: story)
  • YH pressed CM’s face into his birthday cake! (Cr; chichari)
  • [Fancam] They sang bdae song for CM! CM: My bdae was 2 days ago~ (cr: qingxin218)
  • Encore Ment (Cr: nodako206) Boys with their toilet talk again 😛

  • Another pic of CM being caked! (Cr; qingxin218) He made a wish, to be an even better singer n artiste

  • Encore ment (Cr: nodako206) lols!

  • CM kept saying that his bdae was 2days ago (cr: qingxin218)
  • Ending ment (Cr: nodako206) Aww Yunho, u warm our hearts instead…

  • YH touched CM’s abs!!! (CR: Story)
  • From various fanaccts: ment (Cr: mayamin26, roseaki, kirakira_nonn, misant74 Jp-chi trans: 世界第一西皮)




Fanaccounts translated by @kiyomin218:

  • changmin: Yunho with Changmin
  • CM:sorry I drank Yunho’s water justnow its ok? YH(while matchstick)changed lyrics to “Changmin drinks my water” qingxin
  • Yunho:eating hitsumabushi once a day is enough….wwwwwwwww
  • Changmin used rag to mop the floor cuz while he drank water, water spilled to floor. wwwwwww qingxin
  • Homin’s daily life?? So cute



 Fanaccount by @meg008itsmysoul:

  • CM put abt20 candles CONCENTRATED on the center of cake. became big fire!! lol never seen it on the cake usualy.he blow out by a puff.
  • CM give up&stand by his face in front of the cake soon.YH pressed CMs face.but less cream on face.So YH put many cream on faceWITH his love♡
  • I feel CM was wanting to touch YH than usual today. and YH praise CM same as usual.They r soooo CUTE!!
  • CM sang Foreverlove(Xjapan) on MC.YH stop soon usualy.But he didnt.CM glanceYH & said”u dont stop me?”few times.his way of saying so CUTE!


Fanaccount by @yc____cy:

  •  WITH0220
    YH:What’s your wish?
    CM:Well, I wanna be better at singing.
    YH:You’re already a good singer now!
    I agree with you, YH! 😉



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