[VID/Partial Trans/DL/Trends] 150302 Tohoshinki Performs SAKURAMICHI and Spinning at Music Japan!!








[cr: chachami]



Low Quality Video:


[cr: catchthewave218]





150302 Sakuramichi+Spinning (588m): link

150302 “Changmin”cut +stage @ MJ (1.03G): link

[cr: DC Max Chadore via @chadori_]

p/n: If you found a dl link to the Full Cut or Yunho’s please tell us ♡



Partial Trans:

 Translated by @snxy:




 Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:

  • Music Japan Talk Regarding the dart game they played on MJ in 2011



 Translated by @LuvTV2XQ:

  • YH’s best memory of MJ is the dancing game. CM’s is darts game. 東方神起 サクラミチ


Trends and Ratings:

JP Twitter Trends during the show:

  • ‘MJ Start’ trending ww “: 「MJ始まった」トレンド入り\(^o^)/ 東方神起 サクラミチ ”

  • Music Japan & Spinning r trending~ “: スピニン トレンド入り\(^o^)/ 東方神起 サクラミチ ”

[cr: by  via @snxy]




TV Viewers Rating of NHK’s Music Japan:

Toho effect, top ratings for NHK () ww “: さすが!でいいですか? 東方神起 サクラミチ ”

[cr: by  via @snxy]




Videos by @banbimax218,  chachami and catchthewave218
Download cuts by DC Max Chadore via @chadori_
Translations by @snxy@tvxq_et_moi and @LuvTV2XQ
Rating Info by  via @snxy
Twitter Trend Info by  via @snxy
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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