[Trans/Fanacc] EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Others Mention TVXQ! in Recent Interviews/News+Xiumin’s Fanboying~


Compilation of EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Dal Shabet, and others mentioning TVXQ! in recent interviews/news. In addition to episodes of EXO’s Xiumin’s TVXQ! fanboying here and there :)~




150425 EXO’s Xiumin wish to travel with TVXQ:


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[cr: 小智MAX, Translated by @tvxq_et_moi]




150423 Red Velvet’s Seulgi chooses TVXQ as her role model:



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[cr: Top Star News, Translated by @snxy]




150423 SM Rookies’s Jaehyun in The Celebrity, mentioning TVXQ! as his role models as well, in addition to his attending Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome’s recent concert


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[cr: @TaJe0702, Translated by @snxy]




150415 Dal Shabet Serri-Subinon being fans of TVXQ/Yunho



This is a Top Star News, news article on an old interviews of Dal Shabet


이슈(ISSUE)-HD Photo TopStarNews.Net

이슈(ISSUE)-HD Photo TopStarNews.Net


Translated by @snxy:

Dal Shabet Serri-Subin, Pick of Respected Idols- TVXQ “Definitely the best”





Translated by @holatvxq:


[Trans] Dalshabet’s Seri and SuBin pick TVXQ as the idol they respect…”Absolutely the best” 달샤벳, 존경하는 아이돌로 동방신기 꼽아…

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[link to the old interview in which Serri said she is a fan of Yunho: here, via @snxy
Subin being a fan of TVXQ: here, via @snxy]




150401 on Red Velvet on the Radio pick TVXQ/Changmin for Respected Seniors


Red Velvet on the Radio 4/1: Respected Senior
Seulgi- Donghae
Yeri- Heechul
Joy- Minho
Irene- Changmin
Wendy- TVXQ


[Translated by @snxy]



150426 Fanaccount on EXO’s Xiumin singing to TVXQ! songs in their EXODUS FANSIGN


Embedded image permalink


xiumin sings to TVXQ song,Catch me and baekhyun follows xiumin’s jamming


[Fanaccount by @xiu_suming, Translated by @exofandotcom]



Translated by @SuChen_ism:

  • (FANACC 150426) When Xiumin was asked to sing TVXQ’s song, Suho danced to it and Baekhyun said “we are EXO, right?” ©kimkaaaaaa_1




150418 Fanaccount on EXO’s Xiumin imitating Yunho’s WITH Tour Gag “Rassun Gorerai”, in EXO JP Fan Eevent in Yokohama



Embedded image permalink

[Photo by: @moteco26]



Translated by @hyoyeonsubs2:

  • [04/18] what would u do if u had a free day?
    Xiumin: Go to Mt. Fuji w/TVXQ Changmin & Shinee Minho
    Sehun: I will follow u to Mt. Fuji




Translated by @yeahxings:

  • xiumin loves his tvxq hyungs more than luhan




As indicated above,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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