[INFO] 180203 Yunho’s Just Folowed Friend DJ Gio Vanhoutte (giovanhoutte) on Instagram


About two hours ago before Changmin updating, it seems that today Yunho followed Gio Vanhoutte (giovanhoutte).

He is a Korean Belgian DJ and and Music Producer who seems to be a friend of Yunho since elementary school (The Celebrity, December Issue 2013), as he was one of the people who attended Yunho’s 85 club party, and posted the video on his youtube:


  • Gio Vanhoutte – The Celebrity 85 St. – Aftermovie with U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

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[Instagram] 170819 A KR Magazines Staff at SUM Cafe Possibly for an Interview.. with TVXQ?

The staff is one of the crew who was with Changmin in his GRAZIA photoshoot in LA, but seems to be working for different magazines.

In her post at SUM Cafe, the tags said “interview” and “TVXQ”… so probably she is interviewing them? (or changmin since he’s just discharge).


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[Trans] Yunho for Korean Magazine “The Celebrity” – SUMMER Special Issue 2017! (Released 170613)

Please make sure to thank the translator for her amazing translation of this interview\ (*・ω・*)/

Full translation of  Yunho’s Interview for “The Celebrity”  SUMMER Special Issue 2017.


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[Partial Trans] Yunho for “The Celebrity” – SUMMER Special Issue 2017! (Release 170613) (Part.2)


(only Yunho-related part translated)
There are many people featured in the summer issue of <THE CELEBRITY>. Among them, there are also people who we have not met for a long time. The artiste, U-Know Yunho, who we had wanted to meet the most out of anyone else. We applaud him loudly for completing his military service well and returning. We feel that his healthy-looking Continue reading