[Trans] 151106 Changmin to Attend EXO’s Tokyo Dome Concert Today + Tickets’re Re-Sold Double the Price as a Result


News article released on 11/05:


TVXQ-EXO, Hallyu’s ‘baton touch in Japan


Before TVXQ Max Changmin enlists on the 19th, he will support EXO’s debut first concert at Tokyo Dome.

After U-Know Yunho’s enlistment, Max Changmin, being active alone as TVXQ, before Max Changmin’s enlistment on the 19th, he has a variety of activities in Japan and say goodbye to the fans present. At the same time, his juniors, EXO, released their debut single in Japan, and started their dome tour and had a brilliant debut.

TVXQ has set various new records as foreign singers, and are the best kpop group in the Japanese music industry. *info abt exo omitted

Max Changmin headed to Japan on the 2nd, on the 3rd and 4th, over 2 days, filmed a CF. He will attend the drama event for ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ at Yokohama Arena, which is his last meeting with fans before his enlistment. On the 18th, the day before his enlistment, he will release his solo album, and say ‘goodbye for now’. *info abt exo’s single sales and dome tour omitted

This weekend at Tokyo Dome, TVXQ can be seen together with EXO. Max Changmin will watch EXO’s Tokyo Dome concert on the first day and personally encourage his ‘successors’.

Meanwhile, Changmin will return to his country on the 7th and will take a break. He will enlist on the 19th and is expected to serve as a conscripted police officer.


After the previous announcement, the tickets of the 1st day concert (11/06), that changmin is attending, were being re-sold double the price!


[tweet https://twitter.com/begin19840208/status/662176916372344832]



EXO first day con in Tokyo Dome originally were being resell at half of original price…

but after Changmin was announced to attend, the ticket is being resell at above original price..




Dong.A, Translated by @tvxq_et_moi,
Tickets Info by @begin19840208, Translated by @joeylfy: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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