[Instagram] 180412 TVXQ! Backstage with Super Junior, EXO-CBX and The Boyz at M Countdown

With TVXQ backstage at Mnet’s “M Countdown”~






Yunho with Super Junior and SS501’s Heo Young Saeng, shared by Donghae:

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[Instagram] 180327 SMTown Shares Photos of TVXQ with EXO’s Chen and Chanyeol with Leeteuk for their Bowling Match + Changmin Leaves a Comment

TVXQ! had a bowling match vs EXO’s Chen and Chanyeol, featuring mc lee teuk, broadcast live via V LIVE at 10PM (KST) on 3/26!

(The V Live link is: here)



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[TVXQ! IG] 180323 ‘#TVXQ! VS. #EXO : Kingpin Match’🎳 SuperJunior’s LEETEUK to be the special MC for the match 📺 2018.03.26 10PM KST, NAVER V LIVE

TVXQ! will have a bowling match vs EXO’s Chen and Chanyeol through V LIVE at 10PM (KST) on 3/26, and Leetuek to be the MC

The V Live link is: here! Go send lots of hearts~



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[Highlights] 180323 Leeteuk to MC the TVXQ vs EXO: Kingpin Match V LIVE on 3/26 + On #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE #운명 and #평행선 #LoveLine MV Releases

TVXQ! will have a bowling match vs EXO’s Chen and Chanyeol through V LIVE at 10PM (KST) on 3/26, and Leetuek to be the MC (The V Live link is: here! Go send lots of hearts)

This has been reported as news articles and also posted on official TVXQ twitter (here).

the two upcoming TVXQ MVs were mentioned as well!

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[INFO] 180320 Another V LIVE! TVXQ VS. EXO Kingpin Match V LIVE on the 26th at 10PM (KST)!


There is another V LIVE on the 26 (NOT TODAY; Sorry about the previous misreporting > <;;)!!
Titled: TVXQ VS. EXO Kingpin Match V LIVE, broadcast at 10PM (KST) on 3/26!
TVXQ! will have a bowling match vs EXO’s Chen and Chanyeol!

The V Live link is: here! Go send lots of hearts!

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[Changmin IG] 180228 Changmin Likes: SHINee’s JP Concert Post + Jaewon’s Post of Olympics Closing Ceremony Rehearsal


Four hours ago, Changmin liked SMTOWN Instagram post on SHINee’s Japanese concert at Tokyo Dome, featuring the members as well as Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon and Yoona who attended in support~



In addition, yesterday he liked director shim jaewon’s post with a video of EXO member Kai’s rehearsals for the closing performance of the PyeongChang Olympic Continue reading

[Changmin IG] 180224 Changmin Liked and Commented in Support on Jaewon’s Post on Upcoming EXO Performance at the Olympic Closing Ceremony


It seems like director shim jaewon posted about completing preparations for EXO Performance in the PyeongChang Olympic closing ceremony on 180225, and Changmin posted that he is looking forward to it ^^*


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[Trans/VID] 171124 EXO’s Xiumin Tallked about Attending Tohoshinki’s Begin Again in EXO’s Concert “EℓyXiOn”

On the first day of EXO’s concert “EℓyXiOn” in Seoul, EXO’s Xiumin mentioned, during his MC, attending Tohoshinki’s Begin Again at Sapporo.


Live Stream Translation:

Xiumin: A while ago, I went to TVXQ’s concert – well, some people might think why I am talking about TVXQ at EXO’s concert. But I can talk about whatever I want.

[cr: Translated by @byunificial]



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[News-Soompi] 171005 Changmin on SJ; Competition in K-pop; Yunho’s Hilarious Encounter With EXO And BTS Fans

TVXQ’s Changmin Reveals Why He Sometimes Wants To Become A Member Of Super Junior

TVXQ’s Changmin revealed a funny reason why he sometimes wants to become a member of labelmate Super Junior.

TVXQ and Lee Seung Chul are set to appear on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” on October 5 for the show’s “Return of the Legends” Chuseok special.

During the episode, Changmin revealed that he and Yunho end up in a lot of interesting situations because they have completely different personalities. He said, “I have a hard time because Yunho is too energetic. He gets called ‘passion chaebol‘ or ‘king of passion’ by everyone around him.” About himself, Changmin revealed, “I don’t like competing. I prefer to take a step back and just go at my own pace.”

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