[Fancam/Fanacc] 170630 Changmin with SMPA Promotions Unit for the Gwangju Police 10th Anniversary Event

Sergeant Changmin together with the SMPA promotions unit travelled all the way to Gwangju to perform for the Gwangju Regional Police Agency 10th anniversary concert. The concert was held at the Gwangju Culture and Art Hall, where the unit performed from 8:20 to 9:30 pm. Changmin performed with the unit the TVXQ+Super Junior dance medley, H.O.T’s Happiness, and TVXQ’s Balloons. He also solo performed Running To The Sky~







[cr: @UltraTVXQ| ultratvxq]




[cr: @DEAR_PEACH_DEER | dear peach deer]


[cr: @maxj_jalmax ㅈㅈㄹ]



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[cr: ryeohee 려희]



[cr: pang pang]



[cr: 샘샘샘]


seems changmin is saying “i can’t” to something. wonder what it is..

[cr: @beanfairy1, Translated by @snxy]


OP: “wasn’t a fan but now i’m one”

[cr: loveu__r: here, Translated by @snxy]


[cr: @meg008itsmysoul: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6]



[cr: @_NiselAdam: 1, 2 and 3]




Translated by @snxy :

  • 2for1T said as it rained a lot, changmin even stretched out his hand to check and looked at the sky. QTP.

    [cr: @2for1T]
  • they were giving these lightsticks out at the gwangju police concert (“gwangju police 10 years,from now on, 100 years)

    [cr: @tvxq_macaron]
  • although changmin said his voice condition was not good today, it was still the best👍 [cr: @2for1T]
  • siwon said that changmin’s voice condition wasn’t good today ;; but he was still really good on stage + his finger is better~ [cr: @0206yhken]
  • although changmin’s condition wasn’t good, he still performed handsomely for all his stages. [cr: @UltraTVXQ]
  • seems changmin caught a cold as he kept sniffling ;;;; [cr: @murasakiline]
  • As OP’s dongsaeng is a TVXQ fan, OP went along to watch Changmin in Gwangju yesterday. Summary of report: said Changmin’s body ration was no joke, the style was like that of a Uniqlo mannequin, what was shocking was that his head was really small, like the size of a fist. His side profile was pretty, like that of a doll’s. As OP was watching him from like 15 meters away, she could see his long eyelashes. He is really more beautiful than a man.. comes close to the hugh dancy whom she loves. He is also really tall and his voice is good. OP had also seen him eating in a restaurant by coincidence, and was really surprised by how pretty he looked. His eyes are also big, and his body lines are really beautiful. this was truly the first time OP had seen such a good-looking man. The most important thing was that he has a crew cut {t/n: because of service – yet he’s still so good-looking} [cr: @_NiselAdam]







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