[Trans] 170726 Limited Sales of the Yunho x Jeju Air Models and Special Set to Start from Aug 1st Only on Japan Routes In-flights

Sales of the Yunho x Jeju Air models and special set to start from Aug 1st

The Jeju Air models with Yunho will be sold for 7,000‎¥ at a limited quantity of 300 pieces and to be sold on Japan routes in-flights only. These models will be distinguished from other plane models as they will have a serial Continue reading

[Trans] 170726 Yunho was Mentioned Among Celebrities Who have Continued to Get Praise After Discharge

army-feel celebrities who have continued to get praise after discharge

U-Know Yunho enlisted last July and received 5 weeks of basic training. At the time of his completion ceremony, he was selected as the best recruit. A year later, in May of 2016, he was chosen as Special Class Soldier. Not only that, Continue reading