[Instagram] 170717 Yunho in a Selca Backstage with Heechul at SMTown in Seoul (170708)


he says until now, when Yunho sees him, he’ll say “Heerobbong, Heerobbong hyung”

Full Translation:

{t/n: please note iphone emoticions =/= android}
No matter how I look at it, Yunho resembled a Doberman🐶🐕
I resembled Kim Byeong-ok hyungmin😀🙌
Kim Byeong-ok hyungnim really likes me a lot. 🏃🕺
Yunho called himself Yurobbong
Donghae is Dorobbong
I got the nickname of Heerobbong😀
So I can’t mention my nickname on broadcast😐
Until now when Yunho sees me
“Heerobbong~ Heerobbong hyung~🤗”
And will greet me in an affectionate way👋🙄
The issue is that people will think of me in a weird way😐
The 3-Bbong of us have many fun memories🍒
I will try once to solve this * 🎎 {t/n: not sure what heechul is referring to}
#TVXQ #SuperJunior #ShowMeYourLove
And when I think about it, there was a song called ‘Show Me Your Love’..🎼🎶



The selca news trended on naver main, article title: Yunho x Heechul on Naver main~ “SM’s visual mascots”


[cr: 스포츠서울 (Sports Seoul) via naver, screencap by @0206yhken, Translated by @snxy]


A different article was also spotted on naver main on 170718, at 1:08 am as well:

[cr: 연예뉴스 enews24 via naver, screencap by @snxy]





kimheenim: here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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