[Trans] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine “Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT” – December Issue (Released 171104) (FULL)


This post includes the full translation of Tohoshinki’s interview for Japanese magazine Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT – December issue, released on 11/4.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this super super long interview \ (*´ω`*)/

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Cover Episode

I was a bit nervous about doing interview with Tohoshinki for the first time after two years. I stepped out of the elevator and who I found was Yunho-san but not their staff. Is it possible that Yunho-san was waiting for me? No, no, I am just kidding. This happens a lot with Tohoshinki. Yunho-san often wonders around in the studio or TV station by himself (smile). For the most of artists, they go back to the dressing room after they finish one interview and they stay there until they are ready for another interview. But Yunho-san does not follow the routine. I just remembered that and stepped into the studio. Then I found Changmin-san eating fried pork-cutlet sandwich at the table near the entrance. He was eating it with a pair of chopsticks. Since it was about the dinner time, staffs joined him eating sandwiches and we chatted. I do not know who else in the class of stars like Tohoshinki, who will show us this natural sides of them. When I write about them, perhaps neither them nor their staffs are aware, but moments like this speak the truth/nature of them. They teach me that a good interview is not just out from Q&A. This experience is not too special with Tohoshinki (it happens a lot with Tohoshinki).

By Nao-e Kimura


TOHOSHINKI “Being at the start line, one more time”

In the morning of Aug 22, 2017, entertainment TV programs and tabloid newspapers widely reported the comeback of Tohoshinki. The night before, they had a press conference in Tokyo and declared that they will make a full comeback by releasing a new album and having a five dome tour. It has been about 2 years and four months since they appeared together in front of Japanese media.

They had press conferences not only in Japan but also in Korea (in the afternoon next day) as well as in HongKong. Changmin was discharged only three days ago, but he was smiling all the time and it seemed to me that he could not hide how happy he was about their comeback, even he was in a blizzard of camera flashes.

This interview took place almost half a month later. They completed their big duty in their country, Korea. When I met them, I felt something different about them that I knew before. They are more relaxed, more open, and not nervous or tense. I could feel their resilient spirit how excited they are about their future like young boys.

Having said that, they had two years of hiatus. I was a little concerned about their Japanese and anticipated that they might not be able to speak as fluently as before. But once they spoke, I learned that they have already gained their Japanese back to the level where they were two years ago. I could tell that they were really prepared for their comeback.

What had they been thinking during their hiatus? How did they prepare themselves for the day of comeback? What had they been thinking about each other – their partners while they had been separated? What is their vision in the future?

Okay, this is enough. Let’s ask them all their thoughts on their comeback.



– Can you tell us about your impression/thoughts on the comeback press conferences that were held in three places, e.g. Tokyo, Seoul, HongKong in August.

Yunho: These were the conferences that were scheduled for Tohoshinki for the first time in 2017. It was great to visit three countries but, I was a little worried whether or how people had waited for us. I was glad to see more people than I anticipated who had come to see us.
Changmin: Well, I thought that the schedule of visiting three countries in two days was a hard schedule, but I was glad that I was okay doing that. So personally, I thought, “Okay, I can still do this.” and I was relieved.. (laugh).
Yunho: Oh, you thought that you could still do this? (laugh)
Changmin: Yes. In addition to that, I was really happy that I could be busy again like this. I was really grateful to that. In HongKong, our fans were at the conference and they showed us the message written on placards, “We waited for your comeback”, I was really grateful to them. But I was also happy to see unexpectedly large cloud of press/media people.
Yunho: Yes, I was really amazed by that. In Seoul, around 200 media people gathered. Before the press conference, I was not really sure whether I should talk in serious tone or I should make a joke. But after seeing the expression on everyone’s face, I felt strongly that they were welcoming us back “Okaeri-na-sai” and that made me feel relaxed.

– I saw you two were smiling from the beginning, and I believe that made press people feel comfortable and relaxed as well.
Yunho: You may be right. To be honest with you, I was really nervous/scared until the last minute before the press conference.
Changmin: Same here.

– There were about 100 press people at Japanese press conference, and that is because only a selected number of people were invited and there were many people who could not attend it. If we did not have any restriction, then there would be a flood of people and it would cause some chaos. People who organized the press conference avoided the situation. Anyway, you visited Japan after two years of hiatus. Since you debuted in 2005, you visited Japan for numerous times. But how did you feel when you landed in Japan for the first time after two years?
Yunho: When we landed in Haneda airport, I felt the atmosphere and I immediately thought that I was in Japan. I had longed to be here. When we left airport and were going through the Rainbow bridge in old days, I used to kick my butt myself, “Ah, I am back here again.” “ It will start again.” The day, it was unexpectedly nice weather. I can’t assure you whether the nice weather is something to do with the activity of Tohoshinki (laugh). But because the weather was so nice, I thought, “The path Tohoshinki will take now on will be in this good weather.” I was feeling good on the way to the venue (of the press conference).

– Actually, you are right. In August, this year, we were having a lot of rain in Tokyo. There must be some meaning that the day was sunny.
Yunho: Oh, you think so too, right?

– Changmin-san, you were already really busy just three days after you were discharged. Have you had time to meet with your family?
Changmin: Yes, I had. I met them. I really wanted to spend some time with my family more than anyone, so we all went out to eat, something like that.
Yunho: Yes, that is why, I did not give him a call that day (the day when Changmin was discharged). I sent him an e-mail only saying “Congratulation!”.
Changmin: It was really thoughtful of you.
Yunho: Also, I could see Changmin again at work next day onwards (laugh). I wanted Changmin to spend the day with his family, at least the day. I tried my best not to disturb him. [Yunho was looking so proud of himself.]
Changmin: Yes, I had to work the very next day! I understand that for our fans, it is exciting news that we work very hard. But is it necessary for us to work this hard!? (laugh).
Yunho: But we had let everyone wait for us for two long years. We must work harder, harder, hader..
Changmin: harder, harder!? (laugh)

– I have a simple question. How do you feel about these two years? Was it long or short?
Changmin: Obviously, it was very long!! No doubt about it!!
Yunho: (laugh) Actually for me, it was rather short. It was the very first time for me in my life that I had time to think about myself. I do not think that I can find time to do that anymore. Of course, I wanted to be on stage again very badly, but I thought that I should take advantage of my situation and enjoy myself. So it was not too long. I searched what I needed to have and I gained them, I also studied hard to raise the level of myself up. It was a great experience for me. I believe that Changmin had the similar experience.


It made a lot of sense to me. For someone like them who have worked really hard since their adolescence in this harsh entertainment world while being chased by time limit, I understand that they cherish the period of time where they could stop and think about themselves as their treasure.

Yunho: Yes, you are right. In these two years, I had different works in day time and at night. At night, I was usually just myself and I thought over a variety of things. For Yunho of Tohoshinki, there are many supporting staffs around him. But, “Right now, Yunho is just himself. What can he do?” I asked myself such a question every night and I began from there. I started to find something that I can do myself and I tried many things. I think that I understood a little better the meaning of the word, “responsibility”. More specifically, I was a leader of my group, so I gave advice to younger members and solved their problems. I hope that I will remember these experiences and use the best of them in my activity from now on.

Just before the hiatus, Yunho often spoke about “change”, “I will come back in two years as a monster.” On the other hand, Yunho felt relieved about Changmin who “has not changed at all” after their comeback. I was not expecting this.

Yunho: During the two years hiatus, we met when we were on break. But at the moment when I saw him after comeback, I immediately thought, “Changmin is Changmin!” What was it? It is difficult to explain.. But the atmosphere of Changmin has changed. Changmin is of course Changmin but he is more gentle.. and more mature.
Changmin: (shy)
Yunho: “I am a man!” and tried really hard to act tougher .. a man should not be like that.. but the way Changmin looks at people, it is gentle. and he is more relaxed.. and I felt that he has matured. And I got excited, “wow, I will look forward to working with him!”.

– I guess the declaration of “coming back as a monster” must have put some pressure on you?
Yunho: Actually, you are right (laugh). But I think that it is really important for a man to set a goal a bit bigger than he could achieve but then he makes it. I already said so, so I need to set my goal higher. I will start here. I can decide small details on my way there. I knew our Japanese fans are looking forward to seeing Yunho turned into a monster, so I am preparing many things right now. Yeah.. it is pressure. Hahaha!


– At the press conference in Korea, Changmin-san said, “I regret that I had been a cold-hearted younger brother in the past. I will try my best to be kind to my brother Yunho from now on.” But I think that you are always kind enough to Yunho (laugh).
Changmin: No, I have to be much more kind to Yunho! Actually, I lived with Siwon-san and Donghae-san (Super Junior) from our company for almost two years. They belong to the same group but they treat each other like gentlemen, they are kind to each other and they help each other. While living with them, I thought, “I want to be like the two. I want to be kind to Yunho who are in my team.” Perhaps I learned something from them without noticing.

– Yunho-san, what do you think of Changmin-san lately? Did he become more kind to you?
Yunho: Well, it was not a long time ago he said so, and I will observe him for a little while (laugh). But I did notice that he is kind to help me here and there. Just a little while ago, he took lint off my clothes..

– Ah, that is something that Yunho-san always answers in response to the question about the ideal type of woman.
Yunho: It is about woman~! Too bad, but Changmin is a man! Ahahaha! (while laughing, Yunho grabbed Changmin’s hand and shook it very hard, somehow)
Changmin: (there is nothing he could do beside laughing)


While they were absent, film concert tours were held twice in Japan. For the first time, the tour was held at concert halls and live houses around 47 prefectural and city governments in Japan. For the second time, it was held at five large venues such as Makuhari Messe, Yokohama Arena, and Osaka Castle Hall. To the screen where videos from their previous live concerts were shown, fans were singing along, cheered, and shaking red penlights as the symbol of fans of Tohoshinki, and everyone enjoyed the film concerts.

Yunho: I heard about the film concerts. Our staffs had shown us pictures.
Changmin: I saw that online news. I should be really grateful. The film featured at the film concerts were already included in DVDs…so I think all of our fans already have the video, but they still paid to see the film concert and came together… even we were absent. I guess, they want to be together with someone and watch and cheer the film. I thought that I should really repay their kindness.
Yunho: Yes! In spirit, I wish I could join them. I was really sorry that I could not do it. At the end of the film concert, I wish I could jump out and say, “Here we go! Let’s start our live concert.” I really wanted to do that.

– Speaking of the film concerts, Toho dancers and Toho band members talked about Yunho-san off stage and that got a lot of attention. I heard that you are a very strict/disciplined and scary leader (laugh).
Yunho: Is it true? (laugh).

– Changmin-san, from your stand point of view, what part of Yunho-san do you think that he is stoic about and that make other people feel really intimidated by him?
Changmin: Ah, well…I think that Yunho is perfectionist rather than being too stoic. I think everyone wants the stage to be perfect, but among us all, Yunho always stands at the far front of the stage and performs.. so Yunho thinks himself as the “master” of the stage. I believe that Yunho feels his responsibility the hardest more than anyone else, and that is why he shows the leadership and he can lead all of us. I think we absolutely need someone like him.
Yunho: I guess I am talking crap/silly jokes all the time, so I guess I need to be like that sometimes (laugh). But why I try so hard is that I consider every dancer as an artist too. All of them together are our shows. Tohoshinki is not just the two of us so we need to show that to our audiences.
Changmin: I agree with you.
Yunho: For dancers, only dance is not important. Their expression on their faces.. they need to act too. I will make sure that they do it right. I also guide Band members as well. Dancers and band members are all professional but I believe that I knew the best about Tohoshinki songs.


During the two years, they experienced live stages in smaller scales to the audiences including small children and elderly people. The two had brought 70,000 people to their Nissan stadium concerts. I expect that they learned a lot from the experience on stage in a small scale.

Yunho: Yes, of course. The venues where I performed in these two years are in totally different system from Nissan stadium, Domes, and Arenas. They were really small but I did my best in front of such audiences and I saw them laughing…and that gave me strength. I think that it is really important for an artist to believe in himself or herself and let their audiences know his or her feelings. I strongly felt that. I have said something like this before but it was the first time that I really was able to convince myself. No matter what happens in the future, I will always remember this.

– When you sang with your all heart, were you able to share your feelings with your audiences?
Yunho: Yes, that is the most important thing. The second to that is skills. The third one is one’s character.

– Okay, then. System and technology will fall below 4th?
Yunho: Yes, they are at even lower position. The 6th? Ah, I am sorry for the staffs who are in charge of those! (laugh).
Changmin: To me too.. the places where I was during these two years. I did my best for singing and dancing, but the more time has passed, the more I realized how important those stages in a larger scale that we performed on are.
Yunho: Yes, I understand you.
Changmin: I’ve never taken those stages for granted, but the experience made me to take some step back and I was able to regain my mentality when I just started my career.. Yes, I think I had longed to perform on stage during these two years. I had such thirst in me.
Yunho: But then, I think we got more male fans now. In Korea, men and young people, they do not know much about TVXQ. But some men who saw me performing really hard told me, “I will support you from now on!” Oh, and I received a letter from a child from Yangzhou where I was in service, “I did not realize that the person who sang in uniform is such a famous artist. I was really moved/impressed.”

– Oh, that must have made you feel really happy.
Yunho: Yes, after I read the letter, I started to feel really optimistic, “Perhaps we, TVXQ can evolve a lot from now on.” It could just be the parents of the kid wrote the letter to me (laugh).

– I do not think so. Changmin-san, at the event for crime prevention campaign for children, you needed to put on Seoul Police’s mascot character costume.
Changmin: Ah, it was so hot~, especially in the middle of summer! (laugh).
Yunho: Back then, I heard the rumor about you and I thought that you were working hard.


On 10/27, an album titled “Fine collection~Begin Again~” was released to commemorate their comeback. It is a big album containing three CDs featuring 40 songs. There are three songs that they re-recorded, and they selected hit songs in their early days till mid-career. Since they have already performed live, “Rising Sun” and “Why did I fall in love with you?” at their recent live stages, “Bolero” is the song that would get the most attention this time. This song was released in 2009 and it is the most difficult and magnificent ballad to sing, and this would be the first time for the two of them to sing. Changmin sang this song with his junior people at SMTOWN Live in 2015 and fans raised their voices that they want to hear the two of them sing this song (note: Yunho was absent because he was already enlisted.) By selecting/including this song in the album, I can see and understand their theme, “We will step up from/go beyond ourselves in the past.”

Yunho: Even at the SM Town live, three people sang the song, right? But this time, we will sing the song by ourselves, just the two of us. We needed to clear the high hurdles to sing the song but the song is very meaningful.. and we also wanted to challenge ourselves.
Changmin: We have zero time to take a breath.. in terms of which part of the song that each of us sing! (laugh)
Yunho: Yes, we are quite busy (in taking turn to sing the song) (laugh). Together with Changmin, I struggled hard and sing the song while thinking “How could we be able to overcome this challenge and impress everyone?” About the lyrics, we really think hard/seriously about the whole flow and each phrase. I hope that when you all hear the song, you could experience Tohoshinki who stepped up the ladder again. You could feel nostalgic about the song but also you could feel something brand new. I am a bit confident about the track.
Changmin: Neither of us had a chance to listen to the final/complete mix of the song yet, so I am really looking forward to listening to it.
Yunho: When we decided to sing the song by just the two of us, I was not totally sure whether we could do it. But after I heard our vocal, “Ah, this song fits well to the two of us, right now.” I think we grew as men and as human being, I think our vocal fit really well to this song… If we sang this song…the two of us in old days, I think that we were lacking something.

– I want to listen to you performing the song in live.
Yunho: At live stage? ^^; But I guess we performed, “Rising Sun” and “Love in Ice”. Initially everyone thought that it was impossible for us to sing these songs, but the two of us were able to perform these songs on stage. That is because we are Tohoshinki!


– We naturally started to talk about the third Dome tour starting on Nov 11. This time, they will have 14 concerts in 5 major cities in Japan, and are expecting to have in total of 650,000 audiences. There are not many artists even in Japan to have this scale of concert tour just after their hiatus. They cannot talk too much about the concert because it has not been started, but they gave me some hints.
Yunho: We talked a lot about something along the line that we want to do live concerts like this or discuss about what we want to do next before our hiatus, so we will show everything that we had thought of/planned this time. We could perform the most favorite song of our fans in a new version. We also want to do something new that we have not done systemically nor technologically before. We are trying to find the consensus of what everyone wishes to do.

– This time, you have not released a new original album, so I can’t imagine the set list at all. It is like the all-time best of Tohoshinki. I anticipate that audiences will be thrilled and cheer to you at each song.
Yunho: Yes, I hope so. But at the same time, we will be facing a great risk (laugh), we need to give the best live performance!
Changmin: In any case, we will perform songs mostly from this new album. We are in the position to give a stage to audiences, and I hope we can “enjoy” ourselves, like “Ah, we used to love this song.” I hope we can perform while having such thoughts in our mind.
Yunho: The set list is almost complete but I am afraid that we are making it too hard to ourselves. I think we need to challenge our limit again (laugh). It really is suited to Tohoshinki. But at the stand point of our audiences, I think that it is a great set list, so we will do our best.

The way they create their live stage is, in principle, based on the set list that their staffs prepared, but after members joined the team, they will revise and make adjustment to have the best stage. So the first list that the staffs prepared is about 60% of the completed version. They will reflect their ideas and a variety of ideas and polish it.

– I believe that fans want to see your live stages where the two of you took the major part in creating the stage. Do you think that your role will change in your future stages?
Yunho: We ask Sam-san (TRF) to be the director of the stage and I think we will always have Sam-san as the main creator/director of our stages. But of course, we will ask him to incorporate our ideas and this time, in some part, it is almost 100% of my original idea.
Changmin: I do not really persist like, “My idea should be incorporated!” As long as it is great live concert, I do not really care if my idea is considered as a top priority. It is more important to have a lot of meetings and pick the best idea.


– Have you been able to see band members and dancers yet?
Yunho & Changmin: Not yet.
Changmin: Once in a while, we exchange e-mails. Well…. This is my personal story/point of view.. in animation, “One Piece”, in the scene where Rufy says, “We will see each other again in two years!” and they all parted.. the circumstances are pretty much like ours… I got moved by the scene.. so sometimes I remember the scene or watch the scene again. “All of us will do our best and we will get stronger, and two years later, we will meet here again”. I think of our band members and dancers like that.

– Speaking of live concerts, I heard that the two of you went to see your junior SHINee’s Tokyo Dome concert.
Yunho: Yes, it was my first time to go to Tokyo Dome as an audience so I learned a lot. The distance from audience seats and stage, motion, the line by which we and dancers move, or how we can communicate with audiences.. indeed, there is some distance in between, if we need to show some impact, then we have to do it even more dramatically, otherwise, it would be oblivious. Of course, SHINee’s live was really good and I enjoyed it very much. But during the concert, I was thinking,”Perhaps we, Tohoshinki, can do something like this or that.” I guess I found some possibilities through their concert and it was a great experience. Truly.
Changmin: I do not think SHINee as our junior, but they are one of my favorite bands, so I just enjoyed their live concert. But just like what Yunho told you, I was also thinking about our own tour and thought about how it would be..I kept thinking that we should do this and that ..so it was an exciting and inspiring moment.


Yunho is 31 years old and Changmin is 29 years old now. Since they first came to Japan as teenagers, they are now entering “Ara-sa” generation (Ara-sa means around 30 years old in Japan). They did not know about “Ara-sa” at all, so when they learned about its meaning, they are laughing really hard/their heads off!

Changmin: Around 30 is Ara-sa!? What is it? Its so weird~! (burst into laughter)

– Does it sound so weird?
Yunho: I think its okay, Ara-sa (laugh)

– Physical training, keeping up your shapes, keeping up with your health.. there are more things that you need to take care of yourselves now than in old days.
Yunho: Yes, I was not really interested in being healthy but during these two years, I exercised a lot so I am keeping up with that.. Actually, I had to perform solo for all Tohoshinki songs at the SM Town Live in July this year (because Changmin was still enlisted.), so I worked out hard to keep myself in good shape. That was really good for me so I will continue to work out at gym.

– I heard Yunho-san lost 7 kg to prepare for the comeback. But I see, you lost that much weight from physical training rather than dieting.
Yunho: Yes, if you focus on physical training to have strength and the body that you can move with a lot flexibility, then naturally you will lose weight.

– How about you, Chamgin-san?
Changmin: Ah, lately… I like to change air!

– Changing air?
Changmin: Yes, just like today, I work all day in the studio for photoshoot, then I am not able breath in fresh/natural air. So I like to go outside and breath the air in and refresh inside of me. I push acupuncture points here and there, and I also do stretch.. these days, I try to do these new things. Ah, in addition, I try to limit the intake of carbohydrate. I am no longer being on the strict diet like the one I was before. But while I am working, I try to limit eating carbohydrate, but when I am off, I will pig out. However, I heard that it is not good for one’s health to eat less and pig out like that, so I am trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrate that I eat when I am off.. yes.
Yunho: I think I eat less than before. I guess I eat less carbohydrate and eat more proteins. I used to be a big meat eater but these days I eat a lot of vegetables. And this may be a bit derailing from the subject, but I used to drink only iced chocolate but these days, I love drinking Americano.

– Oh, so your taste buds have matured?
Yunho: Yes, thank you so much. I still keep some childish mentality/spirit but…(Laugh)
Changmin: I am happy that you stopped drinking iced chocolate. I was worried since you could easily gain weight by drinking that.


The situation of the world is changing so rapidly, and of course the same applies to the entertainment world. In the ever changing world, what feature that they want to keep and what part they want to change?

Yunho: Yes, it is true. This path that we have taken together with our all fans is the pride that only Tohoshinki has, so I want to keep moving ahead without any compromise.
Changmin: (nodding deeply)
Yunho: Personally I think that it is important to show the human side of Tohoshinki. In order to give hope and courage to everyone, I have to become a much better person. I am sensitive and I tend to think too much, so I wish to have personality that is simple and positive. I guess that is the part that I want to change.
I am the type that once I set my mind, I just do it but until I decide.. well I am the blood type A personality (laugh). I struggle to decide which way to chose. I lose focus by thinking about too many possibilities. What is the best for Tohoshinki? It is okay to try out but I really want to keep the special color of Tohoshinki. In addition, Changmin mentioned about my responsibility a little while ago, I will always keep the responsibility in my heart.
Changmin: The part that I do not want to change is, my gratitude for being able to keep the environment around me. I do not want to lose such feelings. It is to our fans, our staffs, who are always being with me and everything is around me.. I understand how important these things are to me, and I want to keep this feeling in me.

– If I understand you correctly, you mean that you do not want yourself to change.. it is not about the change of the environment around you.
Changmin: You are right. What I want to change is… personally I do not really have a big wish. But everyday, day by day, I keep thinking “I wish today is a better day than yesterday.” “I wish today will turn into a better day than yesterday.” I guess, personally that is my wish.


Changmin used to say, “If Yunho is a boy who is chasing his dream, then I will be a boy who is next to Yunho and has a bite of Yunho’s dream.”, and that made people to laugh. Yunho, a man with full of passion, is still focusing on his dream. Changmin is really different from Yunho but lately Changmin has his own wish/dream.

Changmin: For example, I really want to focus and study music. When I listen to music, I wish I knew which instruments are use and I also wish to sing to the rhythm. It is not just about the width of singing range but I wish to sing a lot better at any range and I also wish to sing a song to make the song as my own song. Music is my work and my hobby. I wish to have activities where I can enjoy myself with both aspects. If I can sing better, then even I get older, I could still enjoy singing. I think that is the joy about music.

– Speaking of your wish/dream, I remember you said that you wanted to take a private trip at the interview on this magazine three years ago. Have you been able to do that?
Changmin: Yes! I visited Europe. I was able to see a soccer game which I really wanted to do. I also ate something that I had never ate before. I was able to enjoy different culture that I’ve never experienced. I think these experiences were really good for me as an artist so if I have time and opportunity, I wish to go on a trip as many times as possible.
Yunho: I guess back then, I said that I will go to LA or Las Vegas to watch shows! But I have not been able to do so. Actually, I was hoping that I could take a trip right after I was discharged. But I needed to work on a drama, “Melohoric” (laugh). In this year, it is less likely but in the next year, I want to go to these places if I can take one week off!

The day when I interviewed them, the two of them did not say the word, “Ta-da-i-ma (we are back, we are home).” at all. At the press conference, speaking of which, at the SM Town Live in July, we did not hear the word either. After I finished the interview, Yunho-san left the seat. So I checked with Yunho-san about the word. “Yes, it is intentional.” he said and smiled. I immediately understood that the word, “Ta-da-i-ma” should not be given through media, nor through the stage with other artists together, but should be given at the stage of Tohoshinki concert, where they can directly tell their fans “Ta-da-i-ma”, so they are keeping the word to themselves.



Side Stories

Q. What kind of music do you listen to lately?
Y: These days, I listen to OST of Korean and American dramas. It is quite random. I enjoy figuring out why they chose this song for this story.
C: I like listening to neo soul music. The one I listened to lately after a while and thought that it was really good is, D’Angelo. Also these days I am into PJ Morton who plays keyboard in Maroon 5.

Q. Which book did you read lately?
C: I read a book titled like “I think too much*”, it is about psychology. “Is it about you?…” a friend of mine gave it to me as a gift (laugh).
*note: I think too much, how to channel this invasive mind by Christel Petitcollin
Y: I read about biography of Saint-Exupéry who authored The Little Prince. The other books is originally published in Japan. It is about learning about communication through the conversation between Confucius and his pupils in Analects. It is a complicated book.

Q. Yunho mentioned before that he applied for a patent of a product which he and his friends invented together, and to our surprise, it was patented. I asked Yunho, whether he continues to be interested in invention..
Y: Yes, lately, we are doing a lot of things through mobile device. The one we got patented, we were able to make the product in the States and I got some % of money! Well, if I start talking about this, I can’t stop.. so perhaps I will talk about this in the next opportunity.. (laugh).
Changmin was right next to Yunho and listening to this..
C: I did not know about it at all!

Q. They drank together only three days ago.
Y: This guy can drink a lot! (laugh). I also can drink.. these days I love drinking wines.
Q. Have you talked a lot when you were getting drank?
C: It does not matter whether we are having drinks or not. No matter what, we talk a lot..
Changmin looked a bit apologetic and said so as if it is not a big deal..
Sorry! I asked you such a silly question ^^




When the cameraman told the two who were standing side by side, as if it is what is to be expected, Yunho stepped out first and Changmin followed Yunho’s footsteps. Unless we gave them some direction, no matter how many times we let them do the same thing, it was always be in this order. I guess, this is what they have become accustomed to do.

The same applies to the interview, Yunho is more suited to be the leader because he could tell others about his goals and directions, and Changmin is more suited to put those into actual practice, because he can explain to others (Yunho’s goals and directions) in words & phrases that are easily digested by others. This division of roles has become much more visible and gives stability to Tohoshinki. If the success stems from the fact that the two are born with completely opposite personality, how fateful it is (that they met/they become Tohoshinki).

Just looking back 5~6 years of entertainment world, some groups who were at the top of their career had already been dissolved or changed their styles in order to continue their career, and many are short-lived. In such a fragile world, they talk about their fans who waited for them for two years as “unbelievably dedicated”. From the fan’s point of view, fans just waited for someone they like, but Tohoshinki knew too well that the world and people change too.

When I think of entertainment, mostly, I prefer, “I love the work, so I love the artist” than “I love the artist, therefore I love the work.”. But the live concert reveals the personality of the artist, so it is totally understandable why Tohoshinki are top stars based on the reputation of their live performance. When I needed to ask them some questions that they probably did not want to be asked for as an journalist, they always remain being polite and honest. I think their work is after all completed by their personality and human power, and that is why it attracts people.


[cr: Translated by @beriko0214: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15]





Translation by @beriko0214: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15,
Photo scan by  一只Ball: here,
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