[Trans] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine “Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT” – December Issue (Released 171104) (FULL)


This post includes the full translation of Tohoshinki’s interview for Japanese magazine Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT – December issue, released on 11/4.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this super super long interview \ (*´ω`*)/

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[VID] 171030 SHINee on Learning about Shirt Garter Belts for Performances from TVXQ! Wearing them for Concerts

On the 172nd episode of JTBC’s “Non Summit”, SHINee mentioned TVXQ! referring to their shirt garters! TVXQ fans has pointed out such an observation before for some of TVXQ’s performances before they enlisted~


Watch the video: here,

SHINee says the shirt garter belt is the item they use on stage to keep their shirts in because of their intense choreography. Minho said he discovered it from TVXQ – went to a concert and saw them wearing it

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[Trans] 170821 TVXQ: We are cheering on EXO, NCT, SHINee, Red Velvet and SNSD

From the TVXQ! Press Conference Today at Seoul, Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong.


이날 동방신기는 지켜보는 동료 가수를 꼽아달라는 요청을 받았다. 최강창민은 “팔은 안으로 굽는다. 군 복무 중 엑소, NCT, 레드벨벳 후배들 무대를 많이 찾아봤다”고 전했다.

유노윤호는 “저도 마찬가지다. 후배들이 성과도 좋고 열심히 하고 있다. 무대를 즐겼으면 좋겠다고 생각했는데 예전보다 밝아 보여 뿌듯하다. 우리 샤이니 후배들도 열심히 하고 있다. 소녀시대 10주년도 축하한다”고 말했다.



TVXQ were asked to choose which of their juniors they were watching over:
Changmin: My arm bends inwards. (t/n: the expression used means sort of being biased towards one’s own cause/in this case: agency). I went to see many of EXO, NCT, Red Velvet’s stages while in the army.

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[VID/Trans] 160516 SHINee Mentioned Tohoshinki on their LINE Live Special

SHINee mentioned 東方神起 on SHINee Line Live Special~



Q: Japanese songs that you like?
Minho: As for me, it’s a song from my senior of the same company, “We Are!” by 東方神起, I love it.
Key: One Piece’s! Continue reading

[Fanacc] 151031 TVXQ! Sent Suprise Video Messages to SHINee at their Shilla Duty Free Fan Festival at Seoul


TVXQ! sent supporting video messages to their juniors SHINee at their Shilla Duty Free Fan Festival at Seoul ^^




Fanaccount by  @ua_db:

When Yunho appeared on the screen, Taemin went “Ehhh?” while Minho faced the screen and saluted. Key was waving his hand.
When Changmin appeared, Minho went “Changmin-hyung “. As the screen faded into darkness, he sent him a heart with his fingers.
Jonghyun (?) “Because we are good friends, we will immediately give Changmin-san a call when this finished, thank you very much! (Did a telephone calling hand gesture)


Fanaccount by  @shenkeyakiko:

They were speaking in Korean, and there’s Japanese subtitles. Gist of Yunho’s message: “They are really good kids, and they always felt grateful to their fans. Please (continue to) look out for SHINee and TVXQ.” Key waved at the video when Yunho was talking.

After that was Changmin’s video message. The MC asked Key about his thoughts on TVXQ surprise message. He said “I was surprised but was really happy, it’s really precious that Yunho senpai appeared at these time (during their fan meeting).” Key then turned to Minho and asked “when did he filmed this?”.

Minho didn’t reply since he probably wouldn’t know, else it wouldn’t be a surprise www





Fanaccounts by @ua_db: 1, 2 and 3, and by @shenkeyakiko: 1 and 2,
Translated by @joeylfy1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express