[VID/Trans] 180531 SHINee’s Key Shares a Story about Changmin on Radio Star; Yunho Mentioned as Well~

Key telling a story about Changmin with Minho and Taemin ^^! Yunho was mentioned in the show for his well-known passion along with Minho~


Video Cut:


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[VID] 180528 SHINee on Yunho and Changmin’s Congratulatory Posts for their 10th Anniversary~

On the broadcast of their !t Live Special : The 6th MUGI-BOX “SHINee”, SHINee commented on Yunho and Changmin instagram posts on the group’s 10th anniversary!



Official (full): here

Cuts by fans:


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[Yunho/Changmin IG] 180528 Yunho and Changmin Posted Screencaps Listening to SHINee’s Comeback Song~

Once again, TVXQ showing their support! Yunho then Changmin posted screencaps of streaming SHINee’s song. Changmin posted SHINee’s back hashtag in three languages~


샤이니^^ 대박나라~!! 샤이니 데리러 가!!

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SHINee^^ let’s make it a hit~!! SHINee take me along!!!




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[Yunho/Changmin IG] 180525 Yunho and Changmin Posted Congratulating SHINee on their 10th Anniversary + Changmin Likes Yunho’s Post~

TVXQ the supportive seniors! Yunho liked and reposted SMTown’s post on SHINee’s 10th anniversary and congratulated them! Changmin liked both of SMTown’s post and Yunho’s, then posted congratulating SHINee, as well~ ^^



“내가 좋아하는 샤이니 앞으로도 더욱더 빛나라!! 믿고 본다 너희들^^ 그리고 10주년 진심으로 축하해!^^”
Regrann from @smtown – 🎂2018.05.25.
빛나는 #샤이니 의 10주년을 축하합니다! ✨
10년이라는 시간 동안 함께 걸어올 수 있어서 행복하고, 앞으로도 언제나 빛날 샤이니의 ‘The Story of Light’ 활동 #SMTOWN 이 응원합니다.❤
Happy 10th Anniversary, dear shining SHINee! ✨
We are so grateful that we could share the amazing past 10 years together.
SMTOWN will always support SHINee’s bright future and their upcoming album ‘The Story of Light’ as well.❤
#SHINee #SHINee10thAnniversary#SHINeeisBACK #SHINee_TheStoryofLight#데리러가_GoodEvening – #regrann

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shine much more in the future too, my favourite SHINee!! I believe in you all^^ and also, sincere congratulations on your 10th anniversary!^^




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[Changmin IG] 180228 Changmin Likes: SHINee’s JP Concert Post + Jaewon’s Post of Olympics Closing Ceremony Rehearsal


Four hours ago, Changmin liked SMTOWN Instagram post on SHINee’s Japanese concert at Tokyo Dome, featuring the members as well as Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon and Yoona who attended in support~



In addition, yesterday he liked director shim jaewon’s post with a video of EXO member Kai’s rehearsals for the closing performance of the PyeongChang Olympic Continue reading

[Trans] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine “Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT” – December Issue (Released 171104) (FULL)


This post includes the full translation of Tohoshinki’s interview for Japanese magazine Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT – December issue, released on 11/4.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this super super long interview \ (*´ω`*)/

You can order your copies as follows:
Wide version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.
Regular version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.




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