[Audio/Trans] 171105 Arashi’s Nino on Talking with Yunho at Music Station; on Tohoshinki’s Height!

Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari on his radio show “Bay Storm” on Japan’s BayFM, answered a question about what he talked with Yunho at the recent Music Station appearance, which created a buzz back then among the fans!



Full, Talks about Yunho and Tohoshinki at 10:10~14:53 :

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Another full link (18:17~23:03):


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the question cut:


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Nino from Arashi mentions Tohoshinki and his conversation with Yunho on Music Station on Baystorm:

On what kind of conversation I had with Tohoshinki’s Yunho-san?
Nino: I did! We have been close since long before, We were friends since young, therefore, I am hyung (to him) ㅋㅋ
Yunho had said to him that though they didn’t meet outside of music shows, he knew that he (Nino) did some magic, and he (N) said he did! Then Yunho said actually he does a bit too, and Nino was like is that so? What kind? “This and that”. and so they talked. They also talked about how (Yunho) was happy to return with Music Stage that he felt glad they (Tohoshinki) could have a dome tour.

Nino: not just Yunho but isn’t Changmin also tall? He had asked if (he felt that) they were tall but he (Y) answered no, when clearly they were! The two are younger than him. When he’s together with them, he definitely has to talk about this (their height) aren’t they too tall?

Nino: isn’t it outstanding that they can appear on a 2hour plus music broadcast in another country? (He= Yunho) could talk about liking this song, or knowing about that, isn’t that great? Maybe it’s like he is having activities solely in Japan? Though definitely in Korea but even in China, (they are) having activities.
Changmin-kun is 186? Isn’t that clearly violating my right to enjoy light? Being so tall! Seems I have to stand on the chair. (He) is over the desk! Awesomely tall. I don’t know if 15 cm (difference) is considered big but isn’t it scary? It won’t make his life uncomfortable whether Yunho is shorter by 15cm but if I were taller by 15 cm, wouldn’t that be scary? Regardless, as the two are tall, I can really feel the difference.

[cr: JP-KR Translated by @followingNINO, KR-EN Translated by @snxy]



Audio links as indicated above,
Audio JP-KR Translated by @followingNINO, KR-EN Translated by @snxy,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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