[Trans] 171219 東方神起 Interview for Sankei Sports Newspaper #Reboot

Tohoshinki’s first sports newspaper interview since their August comeback


Please make sure to thank the translator for the translation ^^


[Direct Interview/The Museum TOHOSHINKI]

Q1. How do you feel now after standing on stage for the first time in two years and seven months since 2015 April?
YH: I was under pressure and also worried about whether our fans would remember TOHOSHINKI (before standing on stage), but I was really glad to learn that everyone waited for us. This was a great opportunity for us. We were reminded that for the two of us, the stage is the best place to be.

Q2. What thoughts do you try to convey in the comeback song, “Reboot”?
CM: The title of the song means restart in English. The lyrics is our strong message that we will engage in a lot of music activities. The melody changes its rhythm in the middle and talks about the dynamic performance of us. I think this song is really cool and suited to commemorate the comeback of the two of us.

Q3. To look back the nearly two and half years of hiatus
YH: I had a lot of time to face myself not as TOHOSHINKI but as a human being. Which path that we should take from now on, what color Tohoshinki should wear/express.. I had a lot of time to think about these things seriously.
CM: I guess I took for granted things like recording and photo shooting and I wanted so badly to do these things and I felt really lonely. I realized that singing and dancing are really important for me. I started to contact Yunho more often than used to be, and I realized how significant the each other’s existence is.
YH: While we were not doing activities, I read letters from our fans a lot and I was able to convince myself how much we are loved by our fans.

Q4. Did you notice something that you did not before, after you were separated?
YH: I realized that the name, “Tohoshinki” is not just for us but many people are helping us to make the name. During the two years, I had to do everything by myself and that made me understand how important it is for me to have staffs and Changmin around. At the same time, the existence of Tohoshinki in me became really huge and I think my sense of responsibility has strengthened.
CM: Before we were separated, Yunho was always right next to me. I took it for granted. But during the two years, I had no choice but doing my best alone. Therefore, having Yunho and other people around me and support from our fans made my gratitude towards them grew a lot stronger.

Q5. You speak Japanese very fluently. Did you do something to keep up with your Japanese during the two years?
CM: I keep my Journal everyday. During the two years, I tried to keep my Journal in Japanese sometimes. It was really challenging because I forgot Katakana characters but I made myself to work harder.
YH: By observing Changmin doing so, I started to take notes on Japanese words that I did not know before and check with people around me. Even I understand a word or phrases in my head, I still need an extra time to speak the word/phrase (that I did not know before). However, these days, I am getting better.
CM: In addition to that, I try watch Japanese TV dramas and movies for keeping up with my Japanese. Right now, I am really into “Shinya Shokudo = Midnight Diner” (Kaoru Kobayashi plays the lead) and I have already finished watching Season 2.

Q6. Is there any place in Japan do you want to visit?
CM: I haven’t been there yet, but I really want to go to Sky Tree that is taller than Tokyo Tower that I visited.
– Probably if people find the two of you there, they will go crazy … Perhaps you should use a helicopter.
CM: Should we use helicopter for that!?
YH: I wish to go to Rainbow bridge. The place is something special for me because I always see it on the way from Haneda Airport to the center of the city. The place makes me feel that I am now in Japan. If I have time, I want to go there to take pictures.
– What about walking on the bridge?
YH: Can we walk on the bridge!? I want to take a walk on it.

Q7. After you restarted to work together for the first time after the break, how do you feel now?
YH: Our 15th year anniversary is approaching near since we debuted. I feel relaxed the most when I am with Changmin. He knew everything about me, so he understands me completely without a word. On top of this, Changmin has matured significantly over the two years, and he became so reliable (I can count/lean on him).
CM: First of all, I am just really happy to have activities (withYunho) together. When Yunho needs to make a decision, he always listens to the end of other people’s talk/opinion or thoughts.
His kindness as a leader has grown deeper. In these two and half years, I think that (the both of us) have matured in many aspects.

Q8. How do you feel about the 5 Dome Tour?
YH: The happiest thing for me was, our fans remembered the promises that we made two years ago and when I said, “Ta-da-i-ma”, they responded “O-ka-e-ri”. We create our stage together with our fans, so it was really great to feel what we all are thinking.
CM: It has been awhile so initially I felt that the feelings of our fans were overwhelming. But after I heard the lour cheers from our fans, I made up my mind that I have to focus and I was able to stand on stage.

Q9. How do you think about activities in Japan after you came back?
YH: While on tour, I realized that our bond with our fans grew stronger. I with to make fantastic memories together not just to fill the hours/gaps when we were apart.
CM: I felt strongly that so many people had waitef for us even though we were gone for two and half years. Everyone gave us so much love that I still can’t really believe myself. So it is my turn to repay their kindness.

Q10. It has been 13 years since you debuted in Japan. What is your secret that you have been loved/cherished by your fans for so long?
YH: What is it? It is hard to say.
CM: I think that the two of us have continued our activities always with gratitude towards our fans that we wish to repay their kindness for supporting us in our heart. I think that our fans accept our wish that we do all our best on stage even though we become totally soaked in sweat.

Q11. What are your methods of reducing your stress level?
YH: I change my mood by walking around my neighborhood or having meal with my friends. I think that these (simple) things are really important.
CM: This may be boring.. but I eat my favorite dish or do something that I want to do. Speaking of which, I did not go out at all yesterday. When I woke up, I read a book and took a nap.. then I woke up and continued to read the book. Something like that. Nothing special.

Q12. What is your plan/goal after you completing the Dome Tour?
YH: My big dream is to continue our activities as long as possible. I wish to keep working because that will give us more opportunities to show the many different faces of Tohoshinki to everyone. Of course, we are not perfect but something still missing is also the charm point of Tohoshinki. I wish to grow mature as a human being.. so if we can all support each other and grow mature.. that would be fantastic.
CM: I wish to visit fans in different regions/country sides. These days, we do not have a chance to do so. I wish to visit many different places on promotion trips. I will do my best with many different songs and performances and everyone will be satisfied to 100%!








Sankei Sports| Sanpo via Yahoo! Japan: here,
Translated by @beriko0214: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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