[Fancam] 171209 TVXQ! for the 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! in SEOUL (Part.2)

The 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! in SEOUL was held today for 1500 fans only, starting at 18:10 and ending at 20:05 (KST) [cr: @anywhere4you].




Set List:

東方神起 The Shilla Fan Festival (18:05 – 20:05)
Why? Keep Your Head Down
Always With You
How can I
Catch Me
[cr: @tevxxxoq_94 via @MM7608]



Yunho focus:


  • How Can I

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[LINE/Ranking] 171212 They’re Back!! NEW #TVXQ! Stickers has Arrived on LINE!! #U_Know #MAX

A total of 40 brand new stickers > w <!!

STICKER Name: TVXQ! Special 2

STICKER Price: 100 Coins (1.99$)

  • No Expiration Date

Available in

STICKER Description: They’re back—two attractive guys, U-Know and MAX! Decorate your chat with this second sticker set from TVXQ!


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[PIC/INFO] 171212 Previews of the Benefits of 2018 TVXQ! SEASON’S GREETINGS (Release 171221)

It seems there is going to be a polarid/poscard gift with the TVXQ! 2018 Season’s Greetings set (Release 12/21).

Some online stores revealed photos of them (it looks like each store may have different benefit?).

  • Polaroid Photo when buying from Synnara:




  • Postcard Photo when buying from Aladin:

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[INFO/VID] 171212 Tohoshinki to Appear on “SUKKIRI” on 12/19! Cute Reaction from the Changmin Fan, Yoshihiro Masamichi~


Tohoshinki to appear live and perform on NTV’s “SUKKIRI!!” on 12/19 at 8:00~10:25 (JST)!!

Check out the reaction of the movie journalist Yoshihiro Masamichi (@hannysroom), who revealed that he is a Changmin fan~





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[INFO] 171211 Tohoshinki the 2nd after Arashi on Most Tweets for “2017 FNS Music Festival (First Night)”

Tohoshinki performed on Fuji TV 2017 FNS Music Festival first night (171206), and were topping trending charts (e.g. like the television’s).

Below is another ranking, where it shows them as 2nd after Arashi, with both artists advancing with a large gap compared to others.


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