[AUD/Partial Trans] 171218 Tohoshinki on J-WAVE 「STEP ONE」

Tohoshinki appeared live on J-WAVE 81.3 FM RADIO「STEP ONE」(broadcast 9:00~13:00 JST), where they were interviewed, and the full version of Reboot was played here, as well~



Tohoshinki at the studio, from the official sns accounts of the show~

[cr: @stepone813: 1 and 2/@jwave813fmstepone813: here]


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[cr: @banbimax218 | B☆MⅠ]


[cr: @kzyc_cy  | kzyc cy]


Translated by @clefaire:

  • Artist they want to collab with
    Yunho: Misia-san
    Changmin: X-JAPAN Yoshiki-san [cr: via @chimichami]
  • Place they want to go
    Changmin: an island in Italy where there are no people there. 😂 [cr: via @6131sim]



listeners on the online stream captured reaching 48.2k people!

[cr: @xx__0_0__xx]



As we indicated above,
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[AUD/Partial Trans] 171218 Tohoshinki on TOKYO FM「LOVE CONNECTION」, Check out Reboot Full Version!

Tohoshinki appeared live on TOKYO FM/FM OH!「LOVE CONNECTION」(broadcast 11:30~13:00 JST), where they were interviewed, and the full version of Reboot was played~

The message theme asked today is ‘during christmas, what will you do?’ where, with whom, what to do. The boys arrived at the studio around 11:34AM (JST) [cr: @LOVEstaff: 1 and 2, Translated by @clefaire: 1 and 2].


The host with the reboot single~

[cr: @LOVEstaff]


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[TVXQ! IG] 171218 Changmin Reports on Super Junior’s Concert and Shares a Photo with EXO’s Xiumin

TVXQ! , along with other SM artists, went to support Super Junior’s Super Show 7 concert’s first day in Seoul (171215). Changmin (we’re assuming it is him) just posted about it and shared a photo with EXO’s Xiumin who also attended the show and was seated with TVXQ! On Super Junior,  congratulating them on the effort put in for the enjoyable concert and the pretty blue of the lightstick logo~


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[PIC] 171217 A Signed Tohoshinki Polaroid from their JP Magazine “Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT” – December Issue (Released 171104)

Tohoshinki appeared on Japanese magazine Nikkei ENTERTAINMENT – December issue, released on 11/4. You can order your copies:

Wide version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.
Regular version: Amazon Japan | CD Japan.

Below a lucky fan got signed Polaroid of Tohoshinki~

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[PIC/Fancam] 171217 TVXQ! at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan~

TVXQ! heading back to Japan! we wish them good luck with their upcoming scheduled and tour~

They look gorgeous as usual, also cute Changmin had a retainer on his teeth~ > w < (Back when he was enlisted on 170420, fans saw him with lingual braces which we assumed are related him getting his wisdom teeth extracted. So it seems he is done with the braces and may need to keep using this retainer instead for a while)


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