[INFO] 171227 東方神起 Reboot and Begin ~Again Version~ in Billboard Japan Weekly and Hot 100 Charts~

For the week of 2018/1/1, 東方神起 Reboot came 2nd for Billboard Japan Weekly chart for Top Singles Sales! In addition, Reboot and Begin topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking thanks to Bigeasts being active there, with Reboot ranking in Top 3 for Hot 100 overall, in 5 for Download songs~


Billboard Japan reported a total of 104,078 physical copies (SoundScan Japan) weekly sales.

  • Top Singles Sales: No.2 東方神起 Reboot


  • Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking:
    No.1 東方神起 Reboot
    No.2 東方神起 Begin ~Again Version~

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[Trans] 171226 Behind the Scenes Stories of Tohoshinki from Magazine “AERA” (1/1-8 Issue , Released 171225)

Tohoshinki appeared on  Japanese Magazine AERA- 1/1-1/8 Issue 2018 (Release 171225). You can pre-order your copy now from amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well).

Below is a translation of article containing some of their behind the scene talk~



{t/n: AERA behind the scene – only the conversation part.}

When YH saw the gorgeous flowers on the red back seat.
YH: Wow, its amazing. This is Ninagawa-san!


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[Trans] 171228 More Behind the Scenes Stories of Tohoshinki for Magazine “CREA”

Magazine CREA Official twitter shared another behind-the-scenes story from Tohoshinki’s feature in their January Issue~



Also posted on their instagram (crea_magazine): here.



CREA behind the scene episode 3.
A day before yesterday, Tohoshinki celebrated their 14 years anniversary since their debut. Recently, everyone is talking about how perfect they are in harmony during live MC and they are just like a married couple comedy show. And that is very true for them during interview! When Yunho-san told us about the episode on his first date when he was the freshman in high school. After Yunho-san gave his girlfriend a suprise present and they got on a sightseeing boat.. the editor misunderstood that he rent a boat all for them. “Wait!? You were only high school freshman!?” looked totally stunned. Then immediately Changmin-san said, “No no, he did not do that. If he really did so, then he is already married by now! (laugh)” Yunho-sand said, “I am not a scion of family-run conglomerates!” They responded to quickly and everyone bursted into laughter. Continue reading

[Trans] 171227 On the Positive Change Sankei Sports Reporter Noted about Tohoshinki~





Their relationship seems to have changed a bit. Previously, when we interviewed them, YH would answer the question first and then he would tell CM to answer the question, or instead of answering the question by himself, YH would tell CM to answer first.. so it was YH who lead the interview. When CM made jokes, YH would respond to his younger brother CM as his older brother.

However, this time, YH and CM both spoke up. When YH was trying to find his answer, CM helped YH. It seems to us that they need each other and depend on each other. Their bonds and trust in each other has become much more stronger. What impressed us the most is the happily/satisfied look on YH’s face that he showed us here and there in the interview, while watching matured/grown-up CM. Continue reading