[Trans] 180322 TVXQ Donates their Voices to a Radio Public Service Campaign (A Happy World for Children)



TVXQ donates their voices to a radio public service campaign

(the “A Happy World for Children” under the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation with MBC radio)

The two members of TVXQ who participated in the narration conveyed their intention by stating, “On behalf of the voices of children who find themselves in situations such as being in public restrooms where the wash basin and hazardous toilet seats are out of reach, as well as in remote areas where there is no police box or private schools, we have deep empathy. While doing the narration, for the kids of the Republic of Korea to become happy; starting from the little things in their surroundings, we realised it is important that the interest in this, starts from me (ourselves). If there is help to be given to kids, we would participate at any time.”

The chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Lee Je-Hoon revealed, ‘Thanks to the members of TVXQ who have a wide fan-base not just domestically but also overseas, the talent donation of their voices have given us a big boost. The sincerity of TVXQ who had led the way as well in contributing to help the affected children of the 2017 Pohang earthquake, could be felt even more. We hope that they would continue to unchangingly participate in making a happy world for children.”

In November 2017, TVXQ donated 50 million won to help with the living expenses of the most urgent children amongst the low-income children, living in the affected areas of the November 2017 Pohang earthquake, through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. In addition, before that, TVXQ’s leader, U-Know Yunho had also in December 2014, through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, donated his entire appearance fees for his cameo in “International Market (Ode to My Father)” to underprivileged children; and during his period of military duty, Choikang Changmin had also met children through activities such as mascot plays on preventing crime, showing how the members have been practising good deeds for kids with one heart.





헤럴드POP via naver,
Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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