[Non-fanacc] 170626 On Spotting Sergeant Changmin Eating at the Cafeteria with Colleagues in SMPA


OP met Changmin at the police agency cafeteria while eating posted today (6/26)


As OP had some business to do, s/he went to the SMPA and was eating in its cafeteria when right beside her, s/he realised it was Changmin. As s/he didn’t want to burden him, s/he just kept peeking at him but felt sorry as everyone else seemed to be looking at him anyway. However, he was so handsome that s/he couldn’t tear her eyes away. Even the men were looking at him and her companions all kept looking and saying how handsome he is. As he was right beside her, Continue reading

[PIC/Non-fanacc] 170612 On Yunho Visiting Ohjangdong Hamhung Cold Noodles with Drama Staff

Yunho’s signature:

“please always be happy~^^*”

OP post:

Yunho had visited Ojangdong-Hapeung Cold Noodles at 8.40pm {p/n: post on 170612 so maybe on that day} with staff (managers + stylists 8 people). They ate premium short rib soup, grilled bulgogi, Continue reading

[Trans] 170517 SHINee’s Minho Picked Changmin as a Celebrity with whom he is Close in a Konkuk University Interview

In an interview for Konkuk University, it seems that Minho chose Changmin as a celebrity he is close with. Both of Minho and Changmin are Konkuk university alumni~


{p/n: Only Changmin’s part is re-posted here, full interview is here}

Q: Who is the celebrity you’re closest with? What is Minho’s special know-how on getting closer with people?

I was a trainee since young and debuted. So I mostly Continue reading

[Instagram] 170501 Yunho at SAMIS BROTHERS, the Tailors who Made his Suit for Jihye’s Wedding~


Made by Hand- SAMIS BROTHERS. – – FOR – 정윤호 – – welcome! Ukow..! – – 저희 샘이스브라더스에서는 군 제대후 다양한 활동을 준비하는 정윤호님의 활약을 응원합니다. 항상 변함없이 노력하는 모습. 빈틈없는 프로페셔널한 대한민국 대표 아티스트 정윤호님의 멋진 컴백을 기대하고 있습니다. – – – – – – – – – – – – – #정윤호 #유노윤호 #동방신기 #smtown #sm타운 #sm #윤호 #심창민 #최강창민 #TVXQ #jungyunho #Uknowyunho #샘이스브라더스 #samisbrothers #수트 #suit #menswear #ootd #데일리 #일상 #브이존 #네이비수트 #차콜그레이수트 #로로피아나 #오오티디 #loropiana #셀피 #셀기꾼 #압구정맞춤정장 #압구정맞춤예복

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Translation: Continue reading