[Instagram] 180324 Yunho with his Sister’s Jihye at their Family Place in Gwangju + Bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan Also Posts about the Trip~

Yunho got to visit his family ^^~



#기아타이거즈 #시구 하러온 오빠
얼마보지도 못하고 다시 서울로 고고씽
멀리 떨어져 있어서 항상 보고푼 오라버니
담엔 바니 태어나면 보겠당 듬직한 #바니삼촌👼

Photo tags: yunho2154


oppa fighting🎀
oppa who came to throw e opening ⚾ for KT.
Wasn’t able to see u for long so let’s go again to seoul.
As we’re far apart, orabeoni is always missed.we’ll see each other next time when bunny is born. dependable bunny’s uncle #Yunho

[cr: jjung_ji_hye_: here ]


bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan, papa bear, also posted about Yunho’s gwangju trip, sharing the same family meal Jihye shared so looks like Yunho joined his family’s  ^^



Work trip to Gwangju. Yunho was the opening pitcher for Kia Tigers. As we arrived in the early hours, he worked very hard. My stomach was exploding from the meal that mother prepared so I’m very sorry there were some remainingㅋㅋㅋ as expected, the quantity was omo-omo-😍 the taste, the quantity were the best, thank you very much. With my strength, I hope Kia wins. The weather was good too.

[cr: myunghwanhyun here]





jjung_ji_hye_: here and here,
myunghwanhyun: here,
Translated by @snxy: here and here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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